Days Gone - Not Gonna Kill Anyone Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for Not Gonna Kill Anyone in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Head to the Lost Lake Encampment
2 Sneak into the Camp
3 Sneak into the Infirmary
4 Steal the Antibiotics

Area: Head to the Lost Lake Encampment

1 Drive to the location

Area: Sneak Into the Camp

2 Use the binoculars and tag the marauders.
3 Trail behind the two campers.
4 Hide in the bush near the water.
5 Fling a stone into the water to cause a distraction.
6 Sneak past the distracted camper and take cover behind a nearby rock
7 Throw another stone to distract the next camper
8 Continue left to hide in a nearby bush by the withered tree
9 Throw a rock to distract the campers gathering in the center
10 Sneak past them to another nearby rock on the left
11 Go around to hide in another bush near a rock in front of a small observation tower
12 When the camper by the tower looks away, sneak past him past the rock. Watch out for the camper in the front.
13 Fling a rock to distract him and he will descend the slope
14 Sneak past him and hide behind some bushes behind a rock near a dumpster
15 Move slowly along the wall lined with bushes past some campers on a bench
16 Two campers stand by at the road. Use a stone to distract them
17 Do a side roll to hide in the bushes on the left side of the road
18 Throw another rock on the road to distract the camper
19 Sneak past him past the house with a stoop
20 Throw another stone to distract the camper on your left
21 Sneak past him and continue straight
22 Follow the trail of bushes on the right
23 Go up the ledge and follow the bushes to hide by a rock facing a cabin
24 Throw a stone to distract some campers on the left
25 Check your right to ensure the coast is clear. Continue straight to the cabin
26 Adjust your angle to face the pickup truck, then head straight and make a left past the bushes surrounding the infirmary. The exterior looks like a log cabin.
27 Make way for the infirmary’s entrance

Area: Sneak Into the Infirmary

28 Enter the door to the infirmary

Area: Steal the Antibiotics

29 Walk up to the waypoint to find the medicine. Press square for a cutscene


1) Use the terrain

You need to blend with your surroundings to complete this stealth mission. Before you sneak past the campers, look both ways to ensure that nobody finds you. Move quietly while crouching.

2) Kept under surveillance

The enemies monitor their surroundings meticulously, so stones are vital for luring them out of the way. Don’t be stingy and use them to sneak past some of the campers.

3) Video

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