Days Gone - Difficulty Setting Guide

A guide on the different difficulty settings in Days Gone. This includes information on the advantanges and disadvantages of each.

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Difficulty Settings

Easy and Normal

In Days Gone, if you choose the easy or normal difficulty at the start of the game, you can manually change it throughout that playthrough. This can be done on the fly, whenever the player feels things have grown too hard or too easy. This is suitable both for beginners and for players who wish to familiarize themselves with the mechanics.


Players with mastery in survival and action games are welcome to try the hard difficulty. Unlike in Easy and Normal modes, you cannot change the difficulty after starting.


Difficulty Setting Details
Easy The first difficulty setting on the list. Easy is suitable for beginners since enemies have the least amount of health and deal the least amount of damage. You can switch to Normal whenever you wish.
Normal The standard difficulty for Days Gone.
Hard The most difficult setting. You are no longer able to swap between difficulties. This is suitable for players who are familiar with the enemies’ behavior. On hard, not only do enemies have plenty of health, but they also inflict the highest amounts of damage.

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