Days Gone - It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for It's a Rifle, Not a Gun in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun Story Mission Walkthrough


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Story Mission Objectives

1 Track a deer.
2 Get the rifle from Copeland.
3 Shoot the deer.
4 Track the injured deer.
5 Carve the deer meat.

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Deer Meat

Mission Rewards

Reward XP Credits Copeland Camp Trust Gain
None 4,000 100 600

It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun – Hunting Deer

Days Gone It's a Rifle, Not a Gun Walkthrough

1 Head to the destination.
2 Investigate the traces and follow the tracks.
3 Follow the deer’s tracks.
4 Take the rifle from Copeland.
5 Shoot the deer using the rifle.
6 Investigate the traces of blood and find the deer.
7 Examine the deer and carve up the meat.


1) Tracking the injured deer.

Days Gone It's a rifle, not a gun Walkthrough

The injured deer will leave traces of blood as it tries to run for safety. Follow the trail and use survival vision to find where it went.

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