Days Gone - A Bunch of Cavemen Side Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for A Bunch of Cavemen in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Clear the marauder camp.

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Mission Rewards

Reward XP Credits Diamond Lake Camp Trust Gain
None 5,000 1,700 1,800

A Bunch of Cavemen – Clear the marauder camp

1 Ride to Crater Lake.
2 Look for the camp and defeat the marauders.


1) Enemy behind the gates

As soon as you reach the entrance to the camp, you will be greeted by a runner. Take it out quickly with a quick shot before hopping off. More marauders will come chasing after you, so steady your aim and shoot them in the head to clear an opening.

2) Be wary of bears

Tall hulking breakers and bears might be patrolling the north side, so you need to be careful not to bump into them while dealing with marauders. You can take the path leading east to find some shrubs for cover. Use this spot as a vantage point to flank these enemies should you wish to confront them.

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