Days Gone - Nice and Bloody Side Mission Walkthrough

A complete side mission walkthrough for Nice and Bloody in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Side Mission Objectives

1 Talk to Tuck
2 Locate Limbo
3 Kill Limbo
Collect the Tyre Iron
5 Return the Tyre Iron as proof of the kill

Area: Hot Springs – Talk to Tuck

1 Make a pitstop at Hot Springs Camp
2 Talk to Tuck to start the job

Area: Hot Springs – Find Limbo

3 Use the map to trace the location

Area: Hot Springs – Kill Limbo

4 Defeat the bounty targets at the ambush camp entrance
5 Loot their corpses

Area: Hot Springs – Collect the Tyre Iron

6 Sneak through the entrance going right behind a wall
7 Defeat the bounty targets guarding the watchtower
8 Loot Limbo’s corpse to obtain the item

Area: Hot Springs – Return the Tyre Iron as Proof of Kill

9 Return to your bike and drive back to Hot Springs.
10 Talk to Tuck again to complete the mission.


Make a detour

When you reach the enemy’s territory, a bounty target will confront you with his gun. Park your bike strategically if you spot him from afar. He is not too difficult to beat, but he has a sniper to back him up. Move sideways to get out of the sniper’s sight. Loot his corpse afterward. Bait the sniper to shoot and roll to dodge the shot. Then, quickly shoot him in the head.

There are plenty of bushes growing by the barbed entrance so you can hide and do stealth takedowns before entering the location.

Defeat the bounty targets

Beeline through the entrance going right to get some cover from the sniper. Move to the stairs while crouched to avoid chances of alerting any enemies. When you reach the top of the stairs, Limbo will appear. It will take a couple of attacks to take him out. Be wary of other targets inside and perform quick rolls to evade their shots. After defeating all enemies, loot the corpses and take the Tyre Iron from Limbo before heading out.

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