Days Gone - Just Doing My Job Side Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for Just Doing My Job in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Locate the anarchist camp.
2 Clear the anarchist camp.
3 Find and rescue Mitch Allen.

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Mission Rewards

Reward XP Credits Wizard Island Camp Trust Gain
None 5,000 1,700 2,750

Just Doing My Job – Locate the anarchist camp

1 Ride to the starting point.
2 Follow the footprints.
3 Investigate the area for clues.
4 Check by the pond to find the first anarchist cairn.
5 Cross the river, then investigate the shoreline.
6 Examine the building’s facade to find the second anarchist cairn.

Just Doing My Job – Clear the anarchist camp

1 Enter the cavern.
2 Defeat the 14 anarchists as you progress through the cavern.
3 You will eventually come across the third anarchist cairn.
4 When the road forks, take the left path.
5 Defeat the enemies to find the fourth anarchist cairn in the back.
6 Backtrack to the fork, then turn right this time.
7 Follow the path to find the fifth anarchist cairn.
8 Go around to the back to find some ammunition and the sixth anarchist cairn.
9 After looting the item, head up the ladder.
10 Defeat the enemies, then loot the bullet crate.
11 Go around back to find the seventh anarchist cairn.
12 Continue along the trail to encounter the eighth anarchist cairn.

Just Doing My Job – Find and rescue Mitch Allen

1 Check near the red barrel to find the last anarchist cairn.
2 You will find two elevators nearby. Ignore them for now and go around to the back of the area to find Mitch Allen.
3 Follow the path behind the marker on the map.
4 Continue down the narrow path and more freakers will appear.
5 Pass through the tunnel.
6 Defeat the marauder nearby.
7 Leave the cavern to complete the mission.


1) Getting to the camp

You can opt to fast travel to Cascade lakes railway ambush camp since this mission takes place near the checkpoint.

2) Anarchist cairn locations

Although the mission seems straightforward, you can collect nine anarchist cairns scattered around the area as you move along. If you intend to find them all, you need to do some backtracking since most of these can be found lying at the back of the paths. Interact with Mitch Allen after you find the cairn.

3) Exiting the cavern

One way to go back outside is to climb the ladder, then follow the slope.

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