Days Gone - What to Do After Clearing the Game

A list of post-game content that players can do after clearing the main story of Days Gone.

Post-Game Content

Days Gone Post-Game Content

Freely Explore the North and South Regions

After clearing the game, you will be able to freely explore the north and south regions of the map. This allows you to do any side missions you might have missed while progressing through the main story.

Clear Remaining Side Missions

Days Gone Post-Game Content

Doing the remaining side missions allows you to earn experience, credits, and trust level even after you’ve finished the game. This allows you to obtain skills, equipment, and upgrades that you have not gotten yet.

Side Missions List

Unlock All Skills

Days Gone Post-Game Content

You will need a lot of experience points to unlock all of the skills in the game. Doing the remaining side missions and defeating freakers are good ways to farm experience.

Melee Skills Ranged Skills Survival Skills

Purchase Weapons and Bike Upgrades

Days Gone Post-Game Content

Raising your trust level with the different camps allows you to purchase various weapons and bike upgrades. Try to unlock all of them after finishing the main story.

Find all collectibles

Days Gone Post-Game Content

Collectibles can be found all across the different locations of the game. There are a total of 240 collectibles, most of them just waiting to be found while others can be located using Copeland’s radio.

All Collectibles List

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