Days Gone - Tips for Combat

Some basic tips for defeating enemies in Days Gone, including information on certain mechanics involved in combat.

Tips for Fighting Enemies

Aim for stealth kills as much as possible

Days Gone Tips for Combat

Pressing the △ button behind an unsuspecting enemy allows you to perform a stealth kill. Since you won’t make much noise killing targets this way, surrounding enemies will not be alerted. Try to go for stealth kills as much as possible during the early stages of the game. You will most likely be limited to weak weapons in the beginning.

Take out enemies with crossbows

Days Gone Tips for Combat

A special crossbow can be found in a gun locker in the Drifters on the Mountain story mission. Though it only shoots a single bolt before needing to be reloaded, it does not make any noise. Targets will instantly die if you manage to shoot them in the head, making it an efficient way to kill enemies without being detected.

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Focus Mode

Days Gone Tips for Combat

Focus mode can be acquired by getting the skill Focus Shot from the Ranged skill tree. This allows you to slow time for a brief period to easily aim at an enemy’s head for headshots.

Gas Cans

Certain areas will have gas cans lying around that you can shoot to cause an explosion when dealing with a mob of enemies. Just make sure you are at a safe distance away from the gas cans before shooting them.

Enemy Dynamics

You can have enemies fight each other to save you the trouble of having to deal with them yourself. You can have a freaker chase you, leading it to a human enemy to get the two to fight. Once one of the combatants is killed, finish the job by taking out the survivor, which will have reduced health after the fight.

Some freakers are even hostile to others of their kind. These include swarmers who prey on newts for food.

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