Days Gone - NERO Checkpoints Guide

A list of NERO Checkpoints that Deacon can visit in Days Gone. Includes information on how to restore power to the abandoned checkpoint.

NERO Checkpoints

NERO Checkpoints are pitstops in Days Gone. Once the game releases in North America, we will provide a list of them.

National Emergency Response Organization (NERO) checkpoints were quarantine zones that treated the carriers of the virus. Similar to clinics, they provide a large stash of medical supplies. However, the entrance is locked by default, so Deacon must crack the code behind the NERO Mobile Medical Units. You can gain access to the entrance by solving the puzzle, which could involve supplying power to the area.

Upon arriving at the inside of the Mobile Medical Unit, you can retrieve some crafting supplies and take a dose of the NERO Injector. These areas act as respawn points where Deacon can manage his weapon stash. They also work as fast-travel destinations, similar to Encampments and Nests.

NERO Injector

Visit NERO Checkpoints to find NERO Mobile Medical Units. Interact with one to find the NERO Injector. You can receive one of three buffs that grant a permanent increase to your Health, Stamina, or Focus.

How to enter a checkpoint

Fill the generator with gasoline until it reaches 100%

You need to solve a puzzle to unlock the entrance to the checkpoint. Take the gasoline nearby, then approach the generator. Press and hold the Square button to pour gasoline.

Turn the power on

Once it reaches 100%, press the Square button to start the generator which unlocks the entrance to the checkpoint.

NERO Checkpoints List

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