Days Gone - XP Farming Guide

A guide on how to farm XP efficiently in Days Gone. Includes methods on increasing the XP you gain and the recommended missions to farm.

How to Farm XP

Defeat Freakers and Marauders

Experience points (XP) are earned by defeating freakers and marauders. A typical freaker like a swarmer will net you 20 XP per kill. Meanwhile, a marauder is worth 50 XP.

Clear Missions

A huge amount of XP is earned everytime you clear a mission. In the image below, you can see that the player has earned 4,000 XP after clearing a mission. Even more XP is earned by doing story missions.

Days Gone XP Farming Guide

Focusing on missions during the early stages of the game already allows you to earn a hefty amount of XP. You can even earn a lot of XP without clearing a mission 100 percent.

How to Increase XP Gain

Defeat Enemies with Headshots

Taking out enemies with headshots earns you 1.5 times more XP than a regular kill. Headshots also allow you to quickly dispatch targets, making it an efficient way to earn XP.

There are many ways to land headshots on enemies, though the Focus Shot ability from the Ranged skill tree makes aiming for the head significantly easier.

Hunt Enemies at Night

Freakers are more aggressive and more abundant at night. While this makes freakers more challenging to deal with, you will earn more XP. If you plan on grinding XP, hunt for freakers after dark and aim for their head.

Recommended Missions

Mission XP Earned
Drifters on the Mountain 4,000
You Got a Death Wish 1,500
No Starving Patriots 1,500
Sounded Like Engines 2,000
Horse Creek Ambush Camp 1,000


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