Days Gone - Freaker Infestations Guide

A list of Freaker Infestations that Deacon can access in Days Gone.

Freaker Infestations

Freaker Infestations or Nests offer fast-travel locations in Days Gone. Once the game releases in North America, we will provide a list of all Freaker Nests.

Freakers occupy their own territory called Freaker Nests akin to Marauders’ encampments. These enemies tend to cluster inside buildings as they hibernate during daytime. You can distinguish other areas from Freaker Nests by examining the mini-map. Freaker Nests are shown to have a red overlay compared to others. Since these enemies are sensitive to sound, any loud noise, like a gunshot, can attract the swarm’s attention. You need to be armed to the teeth to exterminate the Freakers efficiently. After doing so, you can fast-travel to this location for convenience.

The time of day will determine the whereabouts of the Freakers dwelling on the Nests. They hibernate inside buildings during the daytime, which makes the extermination difficult. however, when the lights are out, more will scout outside, so it may be easier to burn the Nest at night.

Freaker Infestations List

Location Storyline
Clear Out Those Nests He’s My Brother
Pioneer Cemetery Infestation Extermination
Marion Forks Infestation Extermination
Patjens Lake


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