Days Gone - How to Manage Health and Stamina

A guide on how to manage your health and stamina in Days Gone, including some basic mechanics on the two stats and tips on keeping them at safe levels.

Managing Health

Days Gone Managing Health and Stamina

About health

Your health is indicated by a green bar; its numerical value at the far right end. When your health value reaches 0, the bar will turn red. Taking two hits in this state will result in a game over.

Recover your health using items from the survival wheel when outside battles

You can recover health in combat by pressing and holding the ← on the directional pad. Outside of battle, you can heal yourself using bandages from the survival wheel. Since recovering health with the directional pad prioritizes your most potent healing items, use the survival wheel whenever you need to patch yourself up when no enemies are around.

Managing Stamina

About stamina

Your stamina is indicated by the blue bar just above the health bar. Stamina is consumed whenever you sprint or roll. It gradually recovers when you walk or stop moving.

When stamina reaches 0

When you completely deplete your stamina, it will not recover for a while. Try to be mindful of your stamina at all times to avoid expending all of it. If you are ambushed or walk into an encounter with an empty stamina gauge, you will not be able to sprint, dodge, or escape.

Basic Information on Stats
Stat Leveling Guide


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