Days Gone - Survival Skills List

Information about Deacon's Survival Skills in Days Gone. Includes the skill's name and effect.

Survival Skills

Days Gone Survival Skills List

In Days Gone, Survival Skills grant better stamina and inventory management. The majority of these skills focus on using Survival Vision, which enables the player to gather more resources and to avoid encounters through stealth.

Name SP Unlock Condition Effect
Eye for Detail 1 Initial skill Extended time in which icons appear during Survival Vision.
Hawkeyed 1 Initial skill Plants will appear on the mini-map.
Thorn In Your Side 1 Initial skill You have a chance to retrieve used crossbow bolts.
Eagle-Eyed 1 Master two skills Higher range of Survival Vision.
Thief In the Night 1 Master two skills Lowers noise while moving.
Green Thumb 1 Master two skills You can collect double the amount of plants.
The Butcher 1 Master four skills You can collect more meat from animals.
Catch Your Breath 1 Master four skills Lower time for endurance regeneration.
Ear To Ground 1 Master four skills With better Survival Vision, you can detect nearby enemies.
Monkey Wrench 1 Learn six skills Doubles scrap efficiency.
Second Wind 1 Learn six skills Extra shot of adrenaline when at critical health.
Carry That Weight 1 Learn six skills Higher inventory space for materials and resources.
The Alchemist 1 Master eight skills Increases initial regeneration and duration of Health Cocktail.
Shape Up 1 Master eight skills Drastically increases endurance regeneration.
Six Feet Over 1 Master eight skills Endurance restores while taking damage.

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