Days Gone - Drifters on the Mountain Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for Drifters on the Mountain in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Return To Your Bike
2 Follow the Drifter
3 Clear the Marauder Camp
4 Follow Survivor
5 Follow Copeland
6 Return to Manny

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Crossbow Cascade Radio Tower
M7 Marauder Camp
Kerosene Cascade Wilderness Safehouse and Marauder Camp
Scraps x3 Cascade Wilderness Safehouse and Marauder Camp
Medkit x2 Cascade Wilderness Safehouse and Marauder Camp
Rag x1 Abandoned Blue Car, Cascade Wilderness Safehouse
Beer Bottles x3 Marauder Camp
Ruger 22 Ammo x15 Marauder Camp
Sterilizer x1 Marauder Camp

Area: Cascade Radio Tower and Copeland’s Camp

1 Bring Boozer to his room.
2 Decide whether to give Boozer his shotgun or not.
3 Pick up a standard crossbow in the weapon safe. Also, you can get some bolts and M9 ammo in the footlocker.
4 Leave Boozer’s room. Pick up the kerosene, scrap, and medkit near the safehouse.
5 Leave the safehouse. Then, follow the running drifter by sprinting.
6 Stop and approach a blue car. Pick up a rag.
7 When you see a marauder camp, clear out the six drifters from a distance with the standard crossbow.
8 Pick up scraps, kerosene, a medkit, the beer bottles, Ruger 22 ammo, and the sterilizer.
9 Continue moving toward the Drifter’s Bike. Beware of Freakers encountered along the way.
10 Return to your bike, then move to Copeland’s Camp.
11 Find Manny at the Camp.
12 Speak to Copeland.
13 Return to Manny and speak to him.


1) Check the weapon safe

Walk a Mile in His Boots

Take out the crossbow from the weapon safe.

2) Follow the running drifter

Follow the drifter until it reaches the marauder camp.

3) Eliminate six drifters at the marauder camp

Walk a Mile in His Boots

Put red markers on each drifter and watch their movements.

4) Return to your bike

Walk a Mile in His Boots

Head back to where you left the bike.

5) Follow the survivor

Walk a Mile in His Boots

Keep following the survivor until you reach Copeland’s Camp.

6) Find Manny

Walk a Mile in His Boots

At the next area, search for Manny.

7) Talk to Copeland

Speak to Copeland and follow him to the designated area.

8) Return to Manny

Follow the marker to advance to the next mission.

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