Days Gone - What Have They Done Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for What Have They Done in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Chase Lisa.
2 Defeat the rippers.
3 Return to the bike
4 Head to the next destination.

Obtainable Items

Item Location

Mission Rewards

Reward XP Credits Hot Spring Camp Trust Gain
None 4,000 250 1,000

What Have They Done – Chase Lisa

Days Gone What Have They Done Walkthrough

1 Examine the bag at the location,
2 Proceed along the path while defeating the surrounding rippers.
3 Approach Lisa.
4 Return to the bike.
5 Ride the bike to the intersection for a cutscene.


1) Defeating the rippers

Days Gone What Have They Done Walkthrough

You’ll need to use a diverse array of skills to take out all the rippers in the area. If you’re having trouble fighting them up front, use ranged weapons.

2) Approach Lisa

Days Gone What Have They Done Walkthrough

You will come up to a sniper as you approach Lisa’s location from somewhere around 68m away. Just focus on dodging and taking cover as the sniper can hit you from a considerable distance.

Days Gone What Have They Done Walkthrough

When you’re close enough, take out the sniper before going to Lisa.

3) Stay alert when heading back to the bike

Days Gone What Have They Done Walkthrough

Rippers will still come at you after you’ve found Lisa. Be on your guard as you make your way back to the bike.

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