Days Gone - Long Range Weapon List

A list of long-range weapons in Days Gone, particularly primary and special weapons available per each encampment.

Days Gone Long Range Weapons List

Long Range Weapon List

Long range weapons in Days Gone are used to eliminate enemies from afar before they can get close. Once the game releases in North America, we will provide a list of all usable long-range weapons.

Hot Springs Camp Weapons

Weapon Name Weapon Type Condition Weapon Description
.22 Repeater Primary Poor Very low stopping power requires a lot of headshots. This is somewhat offset by ammo availability and quick rate of fire.
Stinger Primary Poor An even-keeled Submachine Gun. Nothing fancy but it’ll get the job done.
Combat Shotgun Primary Mil Spec High damage, low speed, and average reload times make this an elite weapon.
MWS Primary Average A noticeable step up, especially at close to mid-range.
RFS60 Primary Average The definition of a great pump-action shotgun. Reasonable fire rate and damage.
US556 Primary Average With the military-grade reliability, this weapon is effective from medium to long range.
M40 Special Poor A simple rifle with a slow rate of fire but big stopping power, damage, and range.
MG45 Special Average This German-made weapon has an extremely high rate of fire, which can make it difficult to aim. Better at close range.

Lost Lake Camp Weapons

Weapon Name Weapon Type Condition Weapon Description
M14 Primary Average Fast firing speed mixed with solid accuracy make this weapon great for picking off targets at a distance.
M50 Reising Primary Mil Spec What the weapon lacks in damage and stopping power, it makes up for with its high rate of fire and accuracy for ranged encounters.
Liberator Primary Special Forces Being semi-automatic with high damage make this shotgun an invaluable stopping machine. Chews through ammo.
SWAT 10 Primary Average A tight and precise weapon. Not the highest damage but its rate of fire and accuracy make this weapon a go-to.
Crowdbreaker Primary Mil Spec A doubled barreled shotgun with huge ammo capacity make this the go-to weapon for closer encounters.
C8 Rifle Special Average A military-grade semi-automatic sniper rifle for taking precise aim at a greater distance.
Talon 7 Special Mil Spec A rifle capable of taking out even the strongest of targets, and from extreme range.

Wizard Island Camp Weapons

Weapon Name Weapon Type Condition Weapon Description
PPSH-41 Primary Mil Spec A reasonable rate of fire and ammo capacity make this an easier to control close-range weapon.
The Cowboy Primary Mil Spec Accuracy, stopping power and a fast rate of fire make this unique rifle especially strong.
Badlands Big Game Primary Special Forces Slow reloads but high damage and accuracy make this a great choice for hunting game or long-range combat.
Chicago Chopper Primary Mil Spec With a fast fire rate and huge ammo capacity, this gun can take a lot of enemies down. Better at close range.
Nock Volley Primary Mil Spec A very unique seven barreled shotgun. Firing all seven barrels at once makes for a fun kill, just make sure you have time to reload.
RPD Special Mil Spec Russian made, this weapon packs a lot of power. If you’re going up against a Horde, you could do worse.
.50 BFG Special Mil Spec A real “one shot, one kill” weapon. It’s a large clip rapid fire rate, no reloads, and minimal recoil give this real “stopping power.”

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