Days Gone - Stat Leveling Guide

A guide on leveling stats in Days Gone, including recommendations on which to prioritize while going through the game's main story.

Stat Leveling

Using NERO Injectors to Enhance Stats

Days Gone Leveling Guide

NERO Injectors are special technology that are found in various NERO checkpoints throughout the game. They are used to level the player’s Health, Stamina, or Focus.

Stats Guide

Only One Stat can be Enhanced Per Use of the NERO Injector

Days Gone Stat Leveling Guide

When you obtain a NERO Injector, you can only level-up one of your three stats. This makes planning out your stats very important as you progress through the game’s main story.

Recommended Leveling

You can check the current level of your stats on the main menu. While it is not a bad idea to level up your stats evenly, we recommended prioritizing certain stats over others as indicated in the table below. They are arranged from most to least important.

Priority Stat Details
1 Stamina Each level increases stamina by 25.

The player starts out with very little stamina, making it hard to manage actions. Try to prioritize enhancing your stamina to make moving around and evading enemies easier.

2 Focus Each level increases focus by 25.

Raising focus lengthens the duration of the time-slow effect when you are aim at enemies in battle. While this is definitely essential, having more stamina benefits you in more ways than focus does.

3 Health Each level increases health by 25.

Upgrading up health is best done after you are comfortable with your stamina and focus levels. If you are good at aiming, you can prioritize health over focus.

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