Days Gone - Bike Repair Guide

A detailed guide on how to repair Deacon's motorbike in Days Gone, including information about the durability of the motorbike.

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Bike Repairs

Days Gone - Bike Repair Guide

While traveling and accomplishing camp missions, Deacon needs to be wary of the state of his motorbike. An indicator is visible on the gas tank, showing the bike’s current state. You can also access the state of your bike through a menu.

Ways of Repairing Deacon’s Bike

Use Scraps

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When Deacon is out, he can personally repair his bike by using scrap obtained in missions. The amount of scrap required depends on how badly the bike is damaged. Make sure to conduct repairs in safe locations to avoid attacking freakers.

Visit the Mechanic’s Shop

Days Gone - Bike Repair Guide

Deacon also has the option to have his bike repaired at the Mechanic’s Shop at every allied camp. Instead of scrap, Trust Credits are used to fix the bike. The number of credits consumed depends on how much the bike is damaged. It is advised to use scraps since Deacon can use his camp credits for other camp services.

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