Days Gone - Crafting Recipe List

A list of crafting recipes in Days Gone, including the materials that allow the player to make various weapons, tools, and special items to help them.

Crafting Recipes

Deacon can craft a variety of weapons, tools, and other special items using materials gathered while exploring. More items can be crafted by obtaining recipes which are scattered throughout the world, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Crafting Recipes

Item Materials
Molotov Beer Bottle (1), Rag (1), Kerosene (1)
Proximity Bomb Can (1), Spark Igniter (1), Gun Powder (1), Box of Nails (1), Scrap (1)
Remote Bomb Airbag (1), Spark Igniter (1), Box of Nails (1), Scrap (1)
Crossbow Bolt Cedar Sapling (1), Scrap (1)
Residue Bolt
Spiked Bat Wood Baseball Bat (1), Box of Nails (1), Scrap (1)
Health Cocktail Rag (1), Mountain Sorrel (1), Sterilizer (1)
Stamina Cocktail Rag (1), Golden Currant (1), Sterilizer (1)
Bandage Rage (1), Steriliser (1)

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