Days Gone - Melee Weapons List

A list of melee weapons in Days Gone, including details on their strengths and weaknesses.

Melee Weapon List

Days Gone Melee Weapons List

Melee weapons in Days Gone are used to take out enemies who are too close to Deacon. Once the game releases in North America, we will provide a list of all usable melee weapons.

Melee Weapons List

Name How to Obtain Details
Wood Baseball Bat
Spiked Bat Craft: Wood Baseball Bat (1), Box of Nails (1), Scrap (1)
Metal Bat
Reinforced Bat
Superior Club
Fire Axe
Pick Axe
Spiked Stool Leg Craft: Stool Leg (1), Box of Nails (1), Scrap (1)
Stool Leg Axe Craft: Stool Leg (1), Scrap (1), Sawblade (1)
Spike Fence Post Craft: Fence Post (1), Scrap (1), Box of Nails (1)
Fence Post Axe Craft: Fence Post (1), Scrap (1), Sawblade (1)
Spiked 2×4 Craft: 2×4 (1), Scrap (1), Box of  Nails (1)
Ripper Blade Craft: Stool Leg (1), Sawblade (1), Scrap (1)
Ripper Club Craft: Wood Baseball Bat (1), Scrap (5), Small Pipe (10
Superior Club Wood Baseball Bat (1), Small Pipe (1), Scrap (1)
Bat Axe Craft: Wood Baseball Bat (1), Sawblade (1), Scrap (1)
Spiked Bat Wood Baseball Bat (1), Box of Nails (1), Scrap (1)

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