Days Gone - You Got a Death Wish Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for You Got a Death Wish in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Find Crazy Willie’s Garage
2 Find a way into the garage
3 Find the fuel pump
4 Find Boozer
5 Save Boozer

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Kerosene x1 Crazy Willie’s Truckstop
Small Medkit x2 Abandoned Houses, Crazy Willie’s Truckstop
Beer Bottle x1 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Scrap x1 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
M9 Ammo x12 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Shotgun Ammo x10 Abandoned House, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Rag x1 Mini-Truck, Crazy Willies Truckstop
Medkit x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Scrap x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Kerosene x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage
Rag x1 Crazy Willie’s Garage

Area: Crazy Willie’s Truckstop – Find Crazy Willie’s Garage

1 After Boozer pulls most of the Freakers out of the area, move forward to Crazy Willie’s Truckstop.
2 Turn right toward a cargo trailer. Pick up the kerosene along the way.
3 Beware of newts and swarmers along the way.
4 You have the option to distract them by throwing rocks. You can also stab freakers from behind.
5 Proceed forward slowly. Then, move left when you see another cargo trailer near the road.
6 Enter a house near the road. Pick up the small medkit in the bathroom.
7 Pick up the beer bottle, scrap, M9 ammo, and shotgun ammo in the bedroom.
8 Go outside through the window you previously entered. Climb over a fence and pick up the crowbar.
9 You can distract freakers by throwing a rock at a car with an active alarm or by eliminating them directly.
10 Move into the house in front of the previous house you’ve entered
11 Pick up the rag in the kitchen and the small medkit in the sink in the bathroom.

Area: Crazy Willie’s Truckstop – Find a way into the garage

1 Go outside and continue moving forward slowly.
2 Pick up the rag in the back of a mini-truck.
3 Continue moving forward and then turn left to the Crazy Willie garage area.
4 Enter the open area in the steel fences. Move straight to the huge garbage disposal.
5 Climb through the garbage disposal to reach the roof. Prepare for newt encounters.
6 After clearing the roof, pick up the medkit, scrap, kerosene, and rag.

Area: Crazy Willie’s Garage – Find the fuel pump

1 Jump down the open garage roof to the kitchen.
2 Fend off the newts in the area. Pick up the beer bottles.
3 Proceed to the indoor garage and approach the pick-up truck. Pick up the rag.
4 Look for a motorbike in the area. Grab the fuel pump.

Area: Crazy Willie’s Garage – Find Boozer

1 Go outside the garage and reach Boozer.
2 Watch the cutscene.

Area: Cascade Radio Tower and Safehouse – Save Boozer

1 Eliminate three rippers.
2 Bring Boozer to his room.
3 Decide whether to give Boozer his shotgun or not.
4 Pick up a standard crossbow in the weapon safe. You can get some bolts and M9 ammo in the footlocker.
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