Days Gone - I Need Your Help Story Mission Walkthrough

A complete story mission walkthrough for I Need Your Help in Days Gone, including mission objectives, strategy guides, tips, tricks, and obtainable items.

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Story Mission Objectives

1 Ride to the location.
2 Place a GPS Tracker on the NERO helicopter.
3 Spy on the NERO researchers.

Mission Rewards

Reward XP Credits Copeland Camp Trust Gain
None 4,000

I Need Your Help – Spy on the NERO Researchers

1 Ask O’Brian about NERO.
2 Head to the NERO survey site.
3 Follow the helicopter.
4 Get close to the helicopter and attach the tracking device.
5 Follow the NERO investigators and listen to their conversations.
6 Return to your bike.


1) Go to the NERO survey site

On Herod's Birthday

Use your bike to follow the helicopter as it goes to the survey site.

2) Attach the tracking device to the helicopter

On Herod's Birthday

Get close to the helicopter and throw stones to distract the investigators.

On Herod's Birthday

Press the square button once you are close to the helicopter to attach the device.

3) Eavesdrop on the NERO investigators

On Herod's Birthday

Follow the investigators without being seen.

On Herod's Birthday

Keep listening to their conversation until the yellow listen gauge is full.

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