Days Gone - Freaker Ear Farming Guide

A guide on how to farm Freaker Ears in Days Gone, including the best locations to hunt for them.

Freaker Ear Farming

Days Gone How to Farm Freaker Ears

What are Freaker Ears?

Freaker Ears are a form of currency that allow the player to gain Allied Trust levels by turning them in at an Encampment‘s Bounties station. Reaching a certain allied trust level allows the player to upgrade their weapons and the Drifter bike.

Different types of Freaker Ears are worth different amounts. Weaker Freakers like Newts have Newt Ears that yield lower increases to allied trust compared to breaker ears.

Freakers List

How to Obtain Freaker Ears

Freaker Ears are obtained from Freakers. You can get them by killing Freakers without damaging their head. This means that you must take out Freakers without going for headshots if you plan on farming for ears.

Where to Farm Freaker Ears

The best places to get Freaker Ears are Infestations and Freaker Nests found all throughout the game world. We will update this section once the game comes out to locate the best places to farm Freaker Ears. Freakers are also much more abundant at night, making it the best time to hunt Freakers for their ears.

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