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A list of all types of Freakers in Days Gone. Included are descriptions of each Freaker type.

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Two years prior to the events of Days Gone, an unknown virus began to spread all over the world infecting humans and some animals, turning them into rabid freaks who aim to infect other people with the virus.

Any sign of intelligence is absent from these creatures, what remains is their animal instinct and their drive to turn humans or animals into Freakers.

List of Freakers


Days Gone - Freakers

Common Freakers are hairless and agile creatures. Although they are not a threat when alone, groups of Freakers can surely overwhelm Deacon if they join together to form a horde. It is said that a horde of Freakers can reach up to 500 bodies.


Freakers List

Bleachers share similarities with Swarmers but their skins are completely white.


Freakers List

Usually female, Screamers alert other Freakers of an intruder through their piercing screams.


Freakers List

Children who were unfortunately infected by the virus turned into Newts, a less-hostile Freaker who only attack if Deacon is too close or if his HP is low.


Freakers List

An enhanced version of the common Freaker, Reachers have higher damage, speed, and HP than their counterparts.


Freakers List

Breakers have large and heavy bodies which give them higher attack damage than common Freakers.


Freakers that still have human consciousness and intelligence while having enhanced strength and agility.

Rager Bear

Freakers List

Ragers are infected bears that attack with their claws and fangs. They also have the highest resilience out of all types of Freakers.


Freakers List

Wolves that are infected with the virus, Runners can keep up with the speed of Deacon’s bike, which makes him vulnerable to their attacks while riding.


Freakers List

Infected crows turn into Ravens, which often swarm the player in open areas. Running away from them is the best strategy.

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