Death Stranding - List of Confirmed Vehicles

Vehicles help Sam quickly get from place to place. Sam can use vehicles to more quickly transport packages and escape from threats.

Vehicles in Death Stranding

Sam can use different kinds of vehicles to easily cover distances. When exploring the vast world, Sam can find vehicles left by other players. He can also steal vehicles from enemies to make a swift getaway when faced with dangers.

Floating carrier

The floating carrier debuted during the Tokyo Game Show Gameplay Session Volume 1 demo. It seems to be based on a skateboard. After reaching the base of a mountain, Sam can detach the carrier and then carry it on his back.


The first motorcycle shown was the reverse trike. It premiered during a cutscene in the Release Date Reveal Trailer. Sam was seen driving it past some crows before stopping on the edge of a cliff. The word “endurance” can be found near the front wheel. Another cutscene showed Sam leaving his reverse trike inside the Bridges building.

The collaboration bike is another motorcycle. The bike was shown during the Tokyo Game Show Gameplay Session Volume 1 demo. Kojima described that the bike was left by another player. He also remarked that its design was inspired by the TV show “Ride With Norman Reedus.” The bike allows Sam to cover distances faster. It runs on batteries. Kojima also mentioned that if Sam drives past a sign, his bike will receive a short boost in speed. One of the downsides to using it is that it can’t travel over certain areas such as steep slopes.


There was no mention of the first truck’s official name during the Tokyo Game Show Gameplay Session Volume 1 demo. The truck was found patrolling the Mule camp, resembling a rusty old pickup truck. Kojima used this to show that the player can hijack vehicles. When equipped with a speed skeleton, Sam can catch up to moving vehicles and pull the driver out. Sam will get knocked over if he is struck by a Mule’s charged spear while driving the truck.

While it was not shown in the video, Kojima also mentioned that the Bridges truck will appear later in the game.

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