Death Stranding - Safe House Gameplay Shown at TGS 2019

Gameplay footage of Death Stranding's safe house feature was presented by Hideo Kojima at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Tokyo Game Show 2019 Safe House Gameplay

Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima held a lengthy gameplay presentation of Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show 2019. The acclaimed game director kicked things off by showing new exploration mechanics on September 12th in an event titled Gameplay Sessions Volume 1. For the second day of the event, Mr. Kojima guided the audience through a demo of the safe house feature. We summarize the mechanics introduced in Gameplay Sessions Volume 2 held on September 13th below.

What is the Safe House?

The safe house is a personal hub which can be accessed in between missions. It allows players to view the current state of their equipment, customize their backpack and accessories, and access the terminal for useful information. Leisurely activities such as listening to music or making aesthetic modifications to the room can also be done.

Idle Gestures

Death Stranding TGS - Idle Gestures

The first feature showcased in the demo was the player character’s idle actions. It was revealed that the player will not be able to control Sam directly. Instead, they will only be able to operate the camera to look around the safe house. Players can only instruct Sam to use any of the utilities or objects in the room.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

While idle, Sam can make various gestures such as pointing to objects, clapping, and flexing his muscles. In the video, Sam pointed to the sink, seemingly begging the player to let him wash his dirtied face.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Sam can also become irritated with the player. This was shown when the character angrily punched the camera when the player focused on his mid section.

Sink and Selfie Mirror

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Sam walked toward a sink with a mirror on the wall and proceeded to wash his face. He stuck out his tongue, allowing the player to snap a photo of him. Likes can be earned by taking various photos of Sam using the mirror, as mentioned by Hideo Kojima in the demo.

Shower and Toilet

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Sam was seen relieving himself inside the toilet encased in glass. The camera focused on some tubes being filled with red liquid as Sam was urinating. According to Hideo Kojima, the red color indicates hematuria caused by Sam getting fatigued after missions.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

The demo then showed Sam pooping. This time, the liquid that was collected was light blue in color. It was confirmed in a previous gameplay video that bodily excretions are used for growing food and other means of survival.

Equipment Shelves

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Players can view their weapons, armor, and clothing while in the safe house. The video showcased various ordnance and firearms such as the hematic grenade, EX grenade, a charge type gun, a bola gun, and an assault rifle. To the far right of the shelf were a special suit, boots, and a backpack.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Equipment is created using a chiral printer. No further information, however, was revealed on this feature.


Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Sam was seen playing with BB, tapping on the infant’s container while it was charging. BB humorously mimicked Sam’s gestures, eventually breaking out of the container. It was later revealed that Sam was just hallucinating. Players can increase their intimacy with BB through constant interaction, as mentioned in the demo.

Backpack Customization

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

The player’s backpack can be customized to hold more equipment during missions. Additional pouches, for instance, can be placed for carrying more grenades. Players can also upgrade the backpack’s battery capacity or attach accessories to adapt to harsh weather. The color of the backpack can also be changed to the player’s liking.


Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Some usable items on a table were seen in the demo. According to Hideo Kojima, the type of table will change as the player progresses through the game. This is likely to allow for extra space for placing more items that Sam can use.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Among the items on the table was a jar containing live bugs. In the video, Sam was seen casually snacking on them. Hideo Kojima revealed that the insects supply Sam’s body with iron, though no details on its impact on gameplay were discussed.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Sam also tried on a Bridges hat and some sunglasses on the table. The demo showed that the color of accessories can be customized as well.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Some cans of Timefall Porter were later opened and consumed by Sam. The beverage is assumed to be a popular beer brand in the world of Death Stranding.


Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

The terminal gives the player access to various types of information, including a map of the game world, mission progress, events witnessed, and online activity.


Lets the player view the progress of missions received, including those that have also been completed.


Allows the player to send and receive email from non-player characters encountered during the story. The star markings next to a character’s name indicate the current intimacy level.

Data Archive

Lets the player access information related to events that have occurred on their journey. It also includes a list of gameplay tips.

Bridge Link

Allows the player to view their relationship with other players who they have interacted with online. A feature called a “strand contract” lets players forge bonds with each other to deepen their relationship. While not mentioned in the video, it is likely that being bound by a strand contract has some unique advantages.

Music Player

Lets the player listen to music while in the safe room. Tracks can be unlocked by progressing through the game.


Allows the player to save, load, and tweak some of the game’s settings.

Room Color

Lets the player change the color of the safe room’s interior to their liking.


Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Near the end of the safe house demo, mini figures of enemies the player encountered were seen on a table. Hideo Kojima mentioned that a certain character will make their appearance as a figure. He did not go on to elaborate on this further.


Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Safe houses can be reinforced with materials. It was also revealed that players can help improve the safe houses of people they meet online. Other customizable features include the safe house’s music, voice, and avatar that greet online players who visit.

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

Harsh weather can easily destroy safe houses, so regular repairs must be done to keep them intact. Players can also destroy the safe houses of other people online. This will, however, only affect the world of the player who performed the action.

Cliff Flashback Scene

Death Stranding TGS - Safe House

A flashback scene showing Cliff, one of the game’s antagonists, was shown near the end of the demo. The character was seen preparing wine in a laboratory while talking to someone encased in liquid-filled glass, presumably BB. Details on the cryptic scene are expected to be revealed in the future.

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