Death Stranding - Environmental Changes

The world of Death Stranding is plagued by environmental changes. These consist of timefall and voidout.

What are Enviornmental Changes?

Environmental Changes are phenomena which occur as a result of Homo Demens’ intervention. Currently, there are no other known factors that can cause these changes.

What happens during a timefall?

Timefall is the name of an event where a period of rainfall hastens the aging of biotic lifeforms. A glimpse of a timefall appeared during the TGA 2017 4K Teaser Trailer. In it, we found some plants growing at an alarming rate after coming in contact with the rain. Another video, the E3 2018 4K Trailer, presented timefall as well. When Sam reached for an old photo, tiny leaves that littered the ground sprouted and continued to grow very quickly.

What causes it?

Currently, only one member of the Homo Demens is known to be responsible for causing timefall. In the Release Date Reveal Trailer, a masked man named Higgs channeled a lightning bolt from the tip of his finger and shot it into the sky. Rain started to appear afterward.

Despite being an aberration that disrupts the natural cycle of life, timefall can be controlled by certain factors. In the E3 2018 Teaser Trailer, Fragile remarked that humans can temporary stop the effects of timefall by consuming a cryptobiote.

What is a cryptobiote?

A cryptobiote is a small life form which is around the size of a human adult’s smallest finger. It shares a striking resemblance to a tardigrade. During the TGS 2019 Safe House gameplay, Sam kept some cryptobiotes stored in a bottle. When alive, they bounce and float.

What is a voidout?

A voidout is a phenomenon caused when a Beached Thing devours a person. The process starts with Gazers who alert Hunters. The Hunters track down humans and will surface to attempt to pull them down after approaching. If successful, they will bring the human to a Catcher. If the human is strong enough, they can defeat the Catcher. Otherwise, they0 will be eaten. When a human is devoured by a catcher, it forms a crater in the spot where the human was taken.

We saw Sam white out after experiencing timefall. In an instant, Sam was plunged into the sea along with other human figures. The sea could be a reference to Sam being dragged into the otherworld, a state similar to limbo or purgatory. We then saw a black octopus-like entity, possibly a catcher, hovering above them. When the camera turned back to Sam, we found him unconscious on the ocean floor. This time, it zoomed in on his mouth, revealing the bridge baby, most likely the one dropped by the operative. Sam finally woke up and coughed up some cryptobiotes covered in tar. These moments might refer to Sam being pulled out of the otherworld and back to the real world. Other figures were not shown to return after experiencing a voidout.

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