Death Stranding - What is a Bridge Baby?

BB was first shown during the E3 2016 Reveal Trailer. Here, we go over the various features involving BB.

Bridge Baby

A bridge baby, or BB, is a baby that comes from the womb of a stillmother. A stillmother is a brain dead mother whose womb acts as a catalyst between the otherworld and the bridge baby. Bridges operatives make use of stillmothers in order to establish connections with bridge babies. After successfully connecting with the BB, the operatives gain the ability to detect nearby Beached Things.

First appearance

BB debuted in the E3 2016 Reveal Trailer which released more than three years ago. The video showed Sam washed ashore and accompanied by a crying BB. Unlike recent trailers, the BB’s pod was missing.

Interact with BB

Sam can interact with the BB while idle or observe its reaction when doing various activities. Kojima covered plenty of these interactions during the TGS 2019 presentation.

Sensitivity to water

Sam travels across America carrying BB. Kojima explained that BB dislikes being dragged into the water and that it will cry when the player carries it across.

Check on BB’s status

After crossing the river, you need to check on BB’s status. You will need to cheer it up due to water putting it into a bad mood. Simply looking at BB or zooming in on it will help comfort it.

Take a break

Sam can also take breaks. When he does so, he sits on the ground which prompts the game to auto-save. While breaks offer the player temporary respite on their journey, Kojima specified that the player can also use this opportunity to check on BB again. He suggested that the player should continually watch over BB to ensure that it is happy. To further soothe BB, Sam can whistle or use various items from his inventory such as a harmonica.

Defeat Beached Things

BB becomes pleased whenever Sam defeats a powerful enemy like a catcher.

Take a dip in a hot spring

Sam can also visit hot springs to replenish his stamina. This also helps keep BB happy. We saw Sam taking a break in an orange-colored hot spring and BB enjoying the pool’s warmth. Kojima added that there are other kinds of hot springs, such as milk springs.

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