Death Stranding - What is Damage Sensor Tape?

A Damage Sensor Tape is used to secure packages delivered by Bridges personnel. It has a sensor that measures the package's condition and will change color when exposed to hazards.

Damage Sensor Tape

Every package that Sam carries is sealed with a special kind of tape called Damage Sensor Tape. Unlike other types of tape, the Damage Sensor Tape changes color when struck. The words “void if tampered with” is marked on the roll of tape. There are other precautions written all over the tape roll.

Ensure that the package arrives safely

As a messenger, Sam carries cargo on his back and has to move across America to reach who it’s addressed to. Despite the technological advancements shown in the game, Sam must safely carry the packages by hand to their destination by using whatever resources he can get ahold of.

The E3 2018 Trailer showed various shots of Sam carrying a package wrapped with damage sensor tape. The bright yellow color of the tape matches the rolls shown in Kojima’s tweet. Even though Kojima mentioned in his tweet that the damage sensor tape would react to agents by changing colors, there have still not been signs of this feature yet.

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