Death Stranding - What is Bridges?

Bridges is a company that was tasked to restore the divisions among the divided states in America. It is closely related to United Cities of America.


Bridges is a company that was established to reunite the United Cities of America. Although there is no clear distinction between Bridges and UCA, the two continue to be closely related. In the Release Date Reveal Trailer, the Bridges logo can be seen together with the UCA.

Who are they?

The people who work at Bridges ship packages. Sam Porter Bridges serves as one of its members. Due to the nature of the world’s naming conventions, he carries the name of the organization he belongs to. Being a member of Bridges, Sam is tasked with storing and delivering Bridges Babies. Deadman is also connected to Bridges. In the video, he was seen with a Bridges badge on his coat.

Death Stranding - Homo Demens

While Bridges carries out its services, they face conflict with the Homo Demens. Sam describes Homo Demens as a terrorist group that opposes the goal of the United Cities of America. Due to their strong sense of independence, they refuse to work with UCA and become a part of their scheme to connect communities and build the chiral network.

What happened to Corpse Disposal Team 6?

This team was composed of a pair of operatives who collected corpses on the field. During the TGA 2017 Teaser Trailer, Sam stumbled upon the two during a Beached Things attack. After regaining consciousness, Sam witnessed an accident. One of the remaining survivors was trying to pull his pinned comrade free from the crash site. Sam warned them that the Beached Things were patrolling. Later on, we saw that one of the corpses was being dragged by the Beached Things. After a few moments, an affiliate of Homo Demens appeared. Soon, the Gazers started to circle around the pair of operatives and, almost instantly, the Hunters were pulling one of them to the void. Meanwhile, the hunter’s fellow attempted to fend them off but was soon overpowered. He dropped his Bridge Baby and was then pulled to the skies before finally being absorbed by the massive entity.

What is the chiral network?

The chiral network serves to provide established strands across the UCA. Those who work for Bridges use a series of equations to access the network. These equations can be found engraved on their necklace or Q-pid. Whenever an operative finds a terminal location, they need to integrate it with the chiral network. Established coordinates can be accessed by anyone who has the necessary equations. In the LUDENS fan trailer, a map of the eastern region showed the newly established strand.

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