Death Stranding - Who Are the Homo Demens?

Homo Demens are another enemy faction in Death Stranding. They wear black suits and cover their faces with masks. They value independence and are hostile to the ideas of the UCA.


Homo Demens, latin for mad man, is a group that consists of militant separatists. The group strives to uphold Edge Knot City’s independence and consequently are in direct opposition to the United Cities of America. The Homo Demens are notorious for reducing the population en masse. They are also responsible for creating voidouts.


Death Stranding - Homo Demens

Similar to Mules, the Homo Demens wear suits and cover their faces with masks. However, their uniform consists of black with gold stripes. They are also armed with guns. In the video, we saw them confronting Fragile.


Death Stranding - Higgs

Not much is known about the group other than its affiliate Higgs. Unlike other militants, he wears a dark cloak with gold lining inside the hood. The outermost layer covering his face is a golden mask shaped like a skull. Underneath it, he also wears another mask. He has the ability to control the weather and teleport at will.

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