Boss Guide – Dhuran [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQ Heroes II]

This article contains a guide on how to defeat Dhuran. We will be updating this as we go along.


The dread fiend who first appeared in the main game Dragon Quest VI, Dhuran belongs to the Loss race and reigns over Stormsgate Citadel. He specializes in wielding the sword and expelling fireballs.

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Name Dhuran
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Reward TBA


First Phase

Dhuran’s HP is very high thus it’s recommended to use damage modifying skills. Either have Angelo use Oomph or have a party member use “Tetsukabuto ki” to increase damage output. An alternative is to use Maribel’s Debuff with Kasap to lower Dhuran’s defense.

By the time his HP falls to 60%, he will step back to prepare his second phase.

Second Phase

When you successfully get him to at most 50% HP, his sword will become endowed with fire and his attack pattern becomes more complex. To patch up the party’s defense, have a mage or Kyril cast Kabuff to increase durability. It will execute a more complex attack pattern which are difficult to avoid in general with both moving and jumping, thus you should avoid using “Glance-exchanging Orb.”


Please do bear with us. Japanese is not my first language and therefore translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Name of Attack Description
First Race Deals 3 successive slashes in a row.
Bilquilt Heightens its attack.
Fire Breath Breathes fire in a linear motion.
3 Direction Flame Bullet Shoots fireballs that goes in three directions.
Spinning Sword Slash Slashes the sword in a fan-like fashion.
Flame Bullet Expels a fireball.

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