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A directory of all weapons in Days Gone, including descriptions for each weapon type and the situations in which they are best used.

Days Gone Weapons List Directory

Days Gone Weapons List

In Days Gone, players will be able to use a variety of different weapons to fend off and defeat wave after wave of Freakers. Weapons range from an assortment of firearms and melee weapons, to explosives and deployed traps. Players will sometimes need to employ stealth instead of direct combat to take out enemies more efficiently.

Melee Weapons

These weapons are best used when performing stealth kills to avoid alerting nearby enemies. Most melee weapons are ineffective against mobs of enemies but are good for taking out a small group. This allows the player to save ammunition for more dangerous situations.

Melee Weapons List

Short Range Weapons

Short-range weapons, like pistols and other sidearms, are effective when you are forced to fight in confined spaces. They are also good for dealing with enemies while staying mobile, though players will need to place headshots to down targets efficiently.
Short Range Weapons List

Long Range Weapons

Long range weapons include rifles, submachine guns, crossbows, and other, similar firearms. These weapons allow you to comfortably engage enemies from a distance and are also great for hit-and-run tactics. Try to take advantage of narrow halls or corridors to funnel enemies into tight spaces and make aiming easier.
Long Range Weapons List

Throwable Weapons

An array of throwable weapons like rocks, molotov cocktails, and grenades can be used to take out groups of enemies or to simply distract them. Bear in mind that explosives will naturally alert surrounding enemies due to the loud noise that they produce.
Throwing Weapons List

Installed Weapons and Traps

Installed weapons and traps are special weapons that allow the player to craftily kill enemies in an area. Weapons like remote-detonated bombs and even bear traps can be used to great effect as long as you plan your siege of an area ahead.
Installed Weapons and Traps List


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