Death Stranding - What are Preppers?

Preppers are holographic figures of famous icons. Although each quest involving one is optional, Sam will receive a number of likes based on his performance.


Preppers live in isolation or with their families and can be found in bunkers. They appear as holographic figures and can be viewed by operating the terminal and select “Make Delivery” and choose “Deliver Lost Cargo” to view them. After delivering their cargo, Sam will receive likes from Preppers. The amount of likes Sam receives will depend on his performance. If he takes too long or delivers a damaged package, he will receive fewer likes. After interacting with the terminal, Sam will unlock a new strand on the map.

Sam can continue delivering packages to earn their trust. A Prepper will eventually join the Chiral Network after growing accustomed with Sam. Sam can also invite them to join through negotiation. After connecting the terminal to the Chiral Network, he unlocks new features such as the ability to sort items or make prints.

Kojima said that Preppers bear the likeness of his friends and acquaintances. He teased that there is more to be revealed. Currently, the only known Preppers are Ludens Fan and the musician.

Ludens Fan

Ludens Fan is a Prepper that was introduced during the character spotlight. As his name implies, he supports the Ludens race. According to Kojima, Ludens Fan’s location is easy to track down. He is in a bunker that can be found to the west of Capital Knot City. In the trailer, Sam brought him character figurines. He is modeled after Geoff Keighley.

Ludens fan

The Musician

The musician is another Prepper shown during the TGS 2019 gameplay sessions volume 1. His real-life counterpart is Miura. In the gameplay, Sam was tasked with giving him a vintage sound system. After receiving the package, the musician rewarded Sam with a harmonica. His bunker can be found to the east of Port Knot City.

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