Boss Guide – Pruslas [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains a guide for Pruslas. We'll update this soon.


The Pruslas is a large purple dragon with a large club. He has a yellow belly and appears similar to Balzack and Night Clubber. When you come across him in the Greene Grasslands, you’ll find him as the last boss. However, make sure you take out majority of the incoming enemies to prevent your battle from being disrupted.



Name  Pruslas
Defense TBA
Magic TBA
Reward TBA


Keep striking it from either behind it or beside it. Because of the club, the Pruslas can knock you back or knock you down. This is pretty much equivalent to a stun. And when that happens, it’ll be harder for you to defend from any other incoming attacks.

However, take note: once it hits 50% HP, it’s patterns will change. Keep an eye out for your health as it starts swinging its club at you. It’s basically attacking you with everything it has.

While he doesn’t really have a weak point, you can bring him down by using long range attacks. And if any of your characters have High Tension at long range, use it.


Please do bear with us. Japanese is not my first language and therefore translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Name of Attack Description
 Shake it Off  Swings down the club.
Clean Sweep  Swings the club sideways.
Shockwave  Jumps and lands down with a shockwave.
Flaming Shockwave  Releases a shockwave with fire damage.
Flying Rush  Rushes towards you with clubs swinging repeatedly.
Triple Flame Shockwave Jumps three times to release three flame-laced shockwaves
Fire Breath Breaths fire at you.

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