Side Quests 21-30 [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article contains the walkthrough for side quests 21-30.

Side Quests 21-30 Guide

Side Quests 21-30 are different quests that involve retrieval and delivery of certain items. When you accomplish these quests, make sure you have your items for those quests. Otherwise, you may have a problem. After all, some of these quests require you to fight down certain enemies which can’t be defeated with sheer brute force.

Sidequest 21: Defeat the demons in Snowfield

Objective Defeat the demon
Area Irim Snowfield 
Time limit 35 minutes
Reward Unlock pathway heading into Greena Pastures
Prerequisite Check the Sacred Mountain Region

Defeat a strong enemy in Ihrim Snowfield in 35 minutes. Head to coordinate B-4 of the map and kill the creature in 35 minutes.

Sidequest 22: Zebion Hot Spring

Objective Defeat a Barbatos
Area Amal Canyon
Time limit None
Reward Spirit Orb
Prerequisite Defeat the Wing Tiger

Defeat the Barbatos in Amal Gorge. It appears at E-5. At E-5, head to C-5 which opens after defeating King Daral.

Sidequest 23: Smouldering Boulders

Objective Kill 20 Grinades
Area Golda Desert
Time limit None
Reward Ring of Immunity
Prerequisite Defeat Cesar

Sidequest 24: Patrolling the Pastures

Objective Kill 15 Slime Knights and 15 Platypunk
Area Greena Pastures
Time limit 10 Minutes
Reward 1000 G
Prerequisite Defeat Cesar

Sidequest 25: Find the old man’s cane

Objective Find the old man’s cane
Area Golda Desert
Time limit None
Reward Wrecklace
Prerequisite Defeat the Float-o-copier

The old man’s cane is in a giant bone in C5 in the Golda Desert.

Sidequest 26: Defeat the Dancing Flames

Objective Defeat 10 Dancing Flames with Ice Spells
Area Golda Desert
Time limit None
Reward Minimedal
Prerequisite Defeat the Float-o-copier

Sidequest 27: Relieve the Poor Soul

Objective Defeat 10 Lost Soul, bring Priests
Area Rozas Woodlands
Time limit None
Reward Life Necklace
Prerequisite Defeat the Float-o-copier

Sidequest 28: Grab the eggs

Objective Deliver the Egg of Power
Area Rozas Woodlands
Time limit None
Reward Bonding Stone
Prerequisite Join up with Maya

Grab the eggs from the west (B 5) of the Rosas forest area. After getting the eggs, bring them back to Zebion and deliver them. However, once you grab the egg, you can’t dash or attack. Just run back.

Sidequest 29: Golda Desert Demon Sweep

Objective Kill 15 monsters simultaneously with one move
Area Battle of Jaiwarl
Time limit None
Reward 3000 G
Prerequisite Join up with Maya

Use Free Battle and start with “Battle of Jaiwarl”. Head to the Jaiwarl Border area and kill 15 monsters at the same time with a deadly technique.  There are a lot of enemies in the southwest (D5) plaza, so it would be good to use mortal work there.

Sidequest 30: I want a pretty hat!

Objective Deliver 2 Flurry Feathers
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Golden Ring
Prerequisite After the invasion of Rao Wilderness
For this particular quest, you have to grab a couple of Flurry Feathers. However, the question is – where? But don’t worry! There are particular monsters that drop the Flurry Feathers. After grabbing two of them, head back and hand them over. With that, you can grab the Golden Ring.
Name of Monster Place of appearance
Hawkman Amal Canyon Grand Canyon
Gargoyle Tower of Legend
Chimera Rozas Woodlands Cretia

Once you’re done with that, you now finished all Side Quests 21-30! Congratulations!

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