Job Class Guide: Mage [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/DQHII]

This page contains a job class guide on the mage class


The Mage is a class in Dragon Quest Heroes II that excels in performing magic-based attacks. This class also has the highest base MP out of all classes because this is what the class uses to cast spells.

While the Mage can unleash powerful magic spells, some of these may take time to cast, making the class much in terms of attack speed compared to other classes. The weapon that you will equip to the Mage can change the spells that it can use, so choose its weapons wisely.

*Please do bear with us. We are translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.


Job Skills

Skill name Effect LV SP Weapon
MP Passer Allocates MP to party members. 15 5 Wands
Magic Barrier Creates a magic barrier that deflects enemy spells. 15 8 Whips
Echo Aura Temporarily allows you to use 2 offensive spells without consuming MP. 15 8 Staves
Wild Magic Circle ? 3 All weapons
Kasap Temporarily lowers enemies’ defense. 12 All weapons

Stat Changes

Name Stat Increase
 HP 0
MP +39
INT +30
WIS +45

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