Job Class Guide – Priest [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQHII]

This article is about the priest class in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 and what to expect from this class.


The Priest is a tank-type class that can deal heavy damage. Unlike the swordsman, the Priest prioritizes on defensive power more than offensive power. Because of this, this job class is a good defensive wall should you want to drag out a battle. However, this may sometimes be disadvantageous due to their reliance on melee attacks. Their battle style is for people who prefer winning via attrition and not for fast battles.

Equippable Weapons

Job Skills

Name Skill Description Level SP Weapon of Choice
Saint’s Poem Cure conditions of your allies 15 6 Wand
Renew Heal allies for a small amount. 0 5 Spear
Midrenew Heal allies for a medium amount. 30 9 Spear
Morenew Heal allies for a large amount. 40 15 Spear
Flurry of Blows Knock down the enemy with multiple blows 15 5 Club
Multiheal Heal the HP of all allies. 0 20 Wand
Kabuff Buff all allies. 0 3 All Weapons

Passive Skills

Tension Sustainability
When using High Tension skills, this ability increases the duration of high tension mode. However, only the Priest is capable of doing this capability.

Tension Increase
This allows the character to have his/her high tension bar fill up faster. Because of this, you access your skills faster and deal more damage.

Stats Change

Name Stat Increase
 HP +20
MP +30
STR +5
DEF +5
WIS +55

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