Spears List [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQH II]

This page contains a list of spears that can be found within the game


Here is a list of spears that can be found, purchased, or equipped in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

*Please do bear with us. We are translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Name ATK Effects Location
Yari of a male priest 12 Restricted to Razel Upon Job Change
Female monk’s yari 12 Restricted to Teresia Upon Job Change
The priest’s Spear 12 Restricted to Kiryl Kiryl (Default)
Tatsuyari 21 Shop (880 G)
Holy Reims 34 Shop (2100 G)
Battle Fork 51 Shop (3000 G)
Saint’s Spear 73 Shop (8970 G)

Clear Quest 9

Daemon Spear 85 Chance to inflict instant death when attacking + 1% 40 Mini medals
?? 105 Shop (30800 G)
?? 124 Chance to Recover HP when attacking + 2% Shop (55700 G)
The glue of metaling 170 120 Mini medals
True saint’s Spear 165 Additional effect Random Labyrinth of the mighty men
Slime Spear 12 ??

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