Twin Swords List [Dragon Quest Heroes 2/ DQH II]

This page contains a list of dual swords that can be found within the game

Twin Swords

Here is a list of twin swords that can be found, purchased, or equipped in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

*Please do bear with us. We are translating it with whatever knowledge we have. We’ll update this as soon as the game comes out.

Name ATK Effects Location
Two warrior’s sword 15 Restricted to Razel Default
Twin sword of a female fighter 15 Restricted to Teresia It will be possible to change jobs
HININKI no Ryo 2 1 Mini medals
25 Shop (500 G)
Golda desert (Treasure)
Blessed Blades 40 Shop (1900 G)
Champion’s swords 60 Shop (3600 G)
Knight’s sword 75 Shop (9000 G)
Clear Quest 9
Split sword of Korori 95 50% Damage reduction while frozen Shop (18930)
Clear Quest 10
Twin sword of thunder 115 Shop (32000 G)
Two wishes sword wishes 135 1% chance to lower the target’s defense for a short while Shop (56620 G)
Two-sword of Metal king 180 120Mini medals
Shin Knight’s sword 175 Additional effect Random Labyrinth of the mighty men
Two swords of Estherc 155 Critical chance increased by 1%  ??
Slime’s sword 15 ??

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