Romancing Saga Re Universe - Beginner’s Guide

A beginner's guide for Romancing SaGa Re;Universe, including features to unlock when starting out, how to obtain styles (characters), how to level up, obtaining equipment, expeditions, event quests, and challenges.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Beginner's Guide

Beginner’s Guide

Below are a list of things to do when playing Romancing Saga Re Universe for the first time. This tips will help you get through the beginning stages of the game more smoothly to prepare you for harder content in the future.

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for answers to things new players commonly ask when starting out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reroll on your first draw.

It is highly recommend to obtain three to four SS character styles from your first draw when starting the game. Having SS styles will give you an easier time going through the early stages of the main story, allowing you access to harder content faster.

Fast Reroll Guide Reroll Style Tier List

Level up characters

Characters will have low base stats when first obtained so it is important to raise them by clearing quests. Be sure to do as many quests as you can to have a strong party later on.

Best Quests for Training

Go through the main story.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Main Quest

Below is a summary of the main story quests that you should clear and the useful features that they unlock.

Chapter Quest Unlocked Feature
1-1-7 Daily Demon Cave Training (twice a day)
2-1-4 Daily Rewards Shop
2-2-4 Weekly Rewards Shop
2-1-10 Daily Treasure Collection (twice a day)
2-2-10 Spiral Corridor (challenge)
3-1-12 Training
4-2-10 Forest Investigation (challenge)
5-2-12 Awakening

Obtain Drop Styles

SS Rouge

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Beginners Guide

SS Rouge is rewarded for clearing Summit Gate, chapter 1-2-12 on normal difficulty. Note that the drop rate is extremely low, so you may need to run the quest multiple times to get SS Rouge. It is recommended to obtain SS Rouge as early as you can as he is among the best dropped styles in the game.

How to Get SS Rouge

Other SS Styles Drops

You can obtain other SS styles as rare drops by clearing other quests on very hard difficulty, though you should have a high-level party before attempting them. When choosing an SS style to obtain from these challenges, try to go for one with ability attributes that your party currently lacks.

S Style Drops

Doing tower event quests allows you to obtain S drop styles. It is recommended to obtain S versions of any SS styles you may already have to inherit useful abilities.

Leveling Characters

Increasing character stats by clearing quests and challenges is essential to progressing through the game. Before you  begin doing quests, start by forming a party with a strong overall attacker as the leader. Note that there is a leveling cap for each quest episode. Before doing a quest, check the character icons at the top of the screen. When a character’s icon is shining, it means that they will gain increased stat values in your chosen quest.

Best Units for Early Game

Upgrade Styles in the Dojo

Access the dojo to raise the level of character styles by using up experience points on them. After selecting the unit, hold down the Enhance Style icon on the bottom center of the screen to use Style EXP. Upon leveling up, a style’s stats will also increase, making them more powerful when used in battle.

Dojo Guide

Raise style level caps.

You can obtain “pieces” of a character style to raise their level cap. Pieces can either be specific to a style or universal, the latter being extremely valuable as it allows you to raise the level cap of any style. A portion of Aurum is also required to raise the level cap.

Clear harder episodes to increase stat values.

You can try to increase your characters’ stat values in early-game quests by doing the harder difficulty ones if you find yourself stuck on a normal difficulty quest. This is because most enemies encountered in the early stages on hard difficulty are actually weaker than those in the latter stages on normal.

Equip weapons and armor

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Weapons and Armor

Characters will deal more damage and gain increased stats by equipping better weapons and armor. Note that the type of weapon that can be used varies from character to character. Try to go for equipment that best suits your character’s best features, such as those that increase strength for attackers and intelligence for mages.

While there are various ways to obtain equipment, decent weapons and armor can be acquired just by going through the main story. You will naturally want to get rare equipment drops as you progress into harder quests. Focus on strengthening your characters first before grinding for rare weapons and armor.

Farming Weapons Farming Armor Farming Accessories

Equipment Evolution Stones

Equipment evolution stones are rewarded for clearing daily quests. These change up each day so it is recommended to take note of the dates when a particular evolution stone you want is available.


Romancing Saga Re Universe - Expeditions

You can send five characters on an expedition to increase their stats and items. This is a good alternative to regularly grinding experience in battle.

Characters will take a while to return from expeditions, though you can use jewels or expedition tickets to let them come back immediately.

You should send characters that you do not regularly include in your active party on expeditions to allow them to raise their stats outside of battle.


Romancing Saga Re Universe - Party Formations

Adopting certain battle formations will have various effects on characters in your party. These range from raising or lowering certain stats and even the probability of being targeted by enemies. Be sure to choose a formation that gives you an advantage over enemies you face in battle.

Formations are unlocked by going through the main story quests.

Party Formations Guide

Visit the Shops

The daily shop offers various pieces, weapons, gear, and materials. Some of these come at discount prices. The time it takes for the shop to refresh its daily offerings can be viewed on the top right corner of the screen. Make sure to visit the daily shop frequently to start collecting useful items. You can find the daily shop at the top left corner of the screen after starting the game.

Below the daily shop is the weekly shop. Keep an eye out for valuable SS pieces of characters that you have on your roster. Unlike the daily shop, the weekly shop’s offerings for pieces have a limited stock of 15 per week.

Last but not the last is the special shop. Here, you’ll find an assortment of SS materials some of which are locked to paid jewels. However, the cost of these are quite high.

Event Quests

S and even SS rank styles are rewarded for clearing certain timed event quests. It is recommended to do a few of them, especially when you have acquired only a few characters in the early stages of the game.

Garuda Wing Event Quest

New players should try to clear the Garuda event quests in the early stages. Items and character pieces can be obtained even attempting them with a relatively low-leveled party.

Study Room Training Event Quest

The Study Room event quest is available very month and allows you to train characters against weak enemies quickly gain experience. This event quest is good for raising the HP of characters to 700, though more challenging content should be cleared to go beyond that.

Spiral Corridor

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Spiral Corridor

After clearing chapter 2-2-10, the Spiral Corridor challenges will be unlocked. Clearing these challenges rewards you with a gacha ticket, allowing you to obtain more characters for you party. Keep in mind, however, that the Spiral Corridor is reset every month. This means that you can miss out on getting new characters from the gacha if you do not do them.

Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

More Challenging Quests

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Back Dojo

You can obtain items that uncap character ability values by doing the quests found at the Back Dojo. There are four difficulty levels available, with the first two unlocked during the early stages. The quests change daily, so it is worth checking them out when you can.

How to Raise Back Ability Values

Robin Cup

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Robin Cup

The Robin Cup pits nine of your characters in 3-on-3 matches to various special rewards. Since you will likely not have a lot of characters available to use in the early game, it is recommended to save entering the Robin Cup for later.


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