Romancing Saga Re Universe - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are details on rerolling, pre-registration bonuses, equipment, collecting style pieces, inheriting skills, weapon attributes, and more.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best styles in the game?

In general, SS rank styles are the best ones to obtain in the game, either through the gacha or as rewards from various events and quests. Note that you S and A rank styles are still very viable for certain situations and can be leveled up for inheriting skills and raising certain character base attributes faster.

I got SS Hector in the first gacha of the tutorial! Should I stop rerolling?

SS Hector is a fixed style that you get in the gacha tutorial when you first start a new game. While SS Hector is a good starting style to have, you should go further and pull about 20 times using rerolling.

Read our guides below on how to reroll fast and which styles are the best to acquire through rerolling.

Can I still get the pre-registration bonuses when I reroll?

Since your account information is changed whenever you reinstall the game, you will always be able to pick up the pre-registration bonuses. Just make sure to claim the bonuses before the deadline.

How to Pre-Register

What is the ○○ status?

The ○○ symbol denotes the attribute values (stats) of characters in Romancing Saga Re Universe. For more information on attributes and how they grow, please refer to the guide below.

Attribute Value (Stats) Growth Guide

What happens when LP is depleted?

When a character’s HP reaches zero during battle, 1 LP will be consumed. When all of your LP is depleted, the fight is lost. There is no permanent death in the game, so characters will always fully recover if they died in battle.

How do you change equipment?

You can change the equipment of characters at the party organization screen. Weapons are initially equipped on characters but not armor.

How do I inherit skills?

Tapping the option under the equipment button on the party organization screen brings up the inheritable skills. To pass down a skill, you will need two styles of the same character.

How to Inherit Skills

Can you obtain styles by collecting pieces?

As of of the version 1.04 update, you will be able to obtain styles by collecting the required number of their pieces. In-depth information on style piece collecting can be found in link below.

Style Summoning Guide

Style pieces are obtained from shops, events, exchange houses and various other sources. Note that you will need a lot of pieces to fully summon a style so farming pieces is necessary. They can also be sold to obtain white crystals if you do not need them.

Can I stop the vibe at the end of battle?

You can adjust the settings for this by going to Home>Options (top-right corner). Change the settings to your liking.

Why do my staff-wielding characters gain intelligence when attacking?

Each staff weapon grants increased intelligence to characters when used in battle.

Does equipping a weapon with the same attribute as the attack used increase power?

The power of the skill increases if you are using a weapon of the same attribute. This is important for capitalizing on an enemy’s weakness. The Crimson Flare skill, for instance, will do more damage if you are using a staff of the fire attribute.

Weapon Farming Guide

Should I raise the style level of A rank styles to 50?

It is often necessary to raise the level of A rank styles to increase character base attribute values to the maximum. This is because A rank styles grant faster base attribute value growth for characters than with SS and S rank ones.

Style Enhancement Guide

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