Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Improve Combat Performance


A breakdown of on how to improve your combat performance Romancing SaGa Re;Universe. This includes strategies that do not require spending money.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - How to Improve Style Performance

Ways to Improve Combat Performance in Romancing SaGa Re;Universe

Here is breakdown of different ways to improve in playing Romancing SaGa Re; Universe. These ways can be categorized into three aspects:

  • Style Performance
  • Style Equipment
  • Style Battle Strategy

Style Performance

Here is list on how to improve your Style’s performance:

Increase your Style’s Overall Combat Strength

Not all events or game modes is friendly towards leveling styles. If you failed in quest, maybe you need to raise your style’s combat strength by sending him/her to certain game modes such of Expedition.

Best Quests and Events for Increasing Combat Strength

Send Styles to Expedition and Dojo

As mentioned before, the best way to improve your style’s combat strength is to let them grind at events. If you are in a hurry to limited-time events, the quickest way is to send to them to expeditions.

Continue Training Styles to Reach Master Rank

Raise your styles level in order for them to reach master rank. Master Rank is usually capped at level 30.

Overview on Dojo

Limit Break your Styles

Once your styles reached their master rank. Choose option to limit break them to increase the current level beyond level 30. Apart from additional stats, there are also style bonuses that increases the combat strength of style that undergone a limit break.

Styles pieces are required to undergo a limit break. They are obtained from weekly missions, gacha events, exchange events, event rewards, and style training.

How to Obtain Gold Pieces

Reduce Cost of Using Arts

Lessen the cost of using arts during battles by disabling the auto use of arts.

Inherit Skills from Other Styles

Inherit skills from other styles to power up your main team. Remember, that you can only sacrifice A rank and S rank styles.

Overview on Skill Inheritance

Style Equipment

Here is list on how to improve your Style’s equipment:

Acquire Rare Weapons and Armor

Aim to acquire A rank weapons since they will significantly increase the damage of your styles. If you currently have a limited number of A rank weapons, B rank will suffice.

Overview on Weapon Types

You can obtain weapons through:

  • Story Quests
  • Shop
  • Event Rewards
How to Farm Weapons How to Farm Armor

Raise Weapon Level to Max Rank

Upgrade the level of your weapons to the maximum. Preferably, evolve your A rank weapons. Weapon materials are obtained from story quests.

Evolve Weapons

Apart from level upgrades, you can also evolve your weapons if there are enough weapon materials. The higher the rarity of the weapon, the power it gets when it undergoes evolution.

Style Battle Strategy

Here is list on how to improve your Style’s battle strategy:

Target the Enemy’s Weaknesses

Before going to battles, make sure your party can check on your opponents resistances and weak attributes.

Improve Party Formation

Change your party formation if your attacker falls down quickly. Every enemy or boss has party formation that they cannot handle.

Overview on Party Formations

Add a Status Condition Style

Consider adding a style that uses status conditions.  Status conditions include stun.

Add a Debuff Style

In addition, consider adding a style that uses debuff skills. This would help weaken the damage your received your battles especially with powerful boss attacks.

Add a Null and Parry Attack Style

Moreover, add a style of uses parry against enemies. This would help in your party not receive damage. However, a certain combination of styles and the right formation is required in order to perform parry skills.

Styles that uses Parry include:

  • SS Albert
  • SS Polka
  • A Bear

Add a Recovery Style

Last but not the least, add a style and heals your party. This is essential especially when you are undergoing quests or events that are continuous.

Make Use of Overdrives

Feel free to use Overdrives if you can’t cut own your boss enemy’s HP.

Reserve BP to Boss Battles

We also suggest save BP for boss battle encounters.

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