Romancing Saga Re Universe - Divine Tower Cordelia Walkthrough

Walkthrough on Divine Tower Cordelia in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, enemies, strategy, and sample teams.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Divine Tower Cordelia Walkthrough

Divine Tower Cordelia Walkthrough

Top Floor Strategy


Form a team of styles that have a combined strength of at least 24,000 CP. Each style should have at least 4,800 CP.

Improve your defenses

Bring styles that have resistance to slash and pierce attributes. Below is a list of recommended armor.

Armor How to obtain Effects
Field Plate 4-2-1 (Hard)
  • Slash +10, Blunt +7, Pierce +10
  • Heat +10, Cold +10, Thunder -14
Silver Chain 1-2-2 (Hard)
  • Slash +10, Blunt +7, Pierce +10, ? +8
  • END -1, AGI -1, INT +1, WIL -1, CHA +1

Choosing a formation

Of course, the defender should be paired with a formation that takes advantage of taunt and drawing attention away from his teammates. Below are the formations that you can choose from.

Type Effects
Hunter’s Gambit Formation that not only reduces hate from your main attacker but also boosts his damage potential.
Rising Phoenix Draws attention away from party to force enemies to target the defender.

Sample Parties

Hunter type

1 2 3 4 5
Claudia Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CatCat Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS BlueBlue Mariah Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - S UndineUndine


Type Effects
Hunter’s Gambit
  1. Dex +50%, Agi -50%, less prone to attracting enemies
  2. Agi +25%, more prone to enemies
  3. Agi +25%, more prone to enemies
  4. Agi +25%
  5. Agi +25%


  • Cat ← S Cat (?)
  • Blue ← A Blue (Light Ball)
  • Undine ← A Undine (Water of Life)

The formation that allows one high damage S. Sword or Bow style to shine. Here, the party takes advantage of the boosted Dexterity from the style occupying slot 1.

Assign two supporters to keep the party alive. Hellhound becomes easier with Undine doubling as the second attacker. One issue with this party is that it struggles against the enemies in round 2.

Defender type

1 2 3 4 5
Albert Jamil Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS ThistleAzami Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS BlueBlue Mariah


Type Effects
Rising Phoenix
  1. END/Int/Wil +25%, more prone to attract enemies
  2. WIL +25%, Agi -25%, less prone to attract enemies
  3. WIL +25%, Agi -25%, less prone to attract enemies
  4. WIL +25%, Agi -25%, less prone to attract enemies
  5. WIL +25%, Agi -25%, less prone to attract enemies


  • Azami ← S Azami (Submission)
  • Blue ← A Cat (Light Ball)

Another reliable formation is Rising Phoenix paired with a defender. Jamil serves as the team’s jammer for stalling the Hellhound. He can also join the attackers in picking off the boss.

Round 1

Have a jammer or assign some styles to stop the Hellhound from moving while the rest go for regular attacks. When going for stun, you can opt to use a style with Tumble. Rouge is a great candidate for inflicting paralysis after inheriting Shadow Chains.

Round 2

Three enemies appear on the second round. Use the BP saved to unleash all-ranged attacks to thin them out fast. Punishing Palm or all-ranged elemental spells like Light Ball will get the job done.

Round 3

The boss has loads of health and boasts high attack. To play around it, you need stack styles with debuffs and have styles with recovery. Sophia, Undine, and Mariah work best here in tandem with a strong attacker and some debuffers. Stack STR and INT debuffs to reduce Wyvern’s attacks as much as possible. Eventually, its attacks will be cut enough for you to not rely on healing as much. Continue debuffing to pull through and combine Overdrive and powerful BP skills to finish it off.

9th Floor Strategy

Coming Soon.

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