Romancing Saga Re Universe - White Day Event One Fateful White Day


Guide on White Day Event "White Day of the World" in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, styles, quests, boss stats, strategy, and exchange list.

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White Day Event “One Fateful White Day”

Romancing Saga Re Universe - White Day Event

Obtain candy

Completing each event quest rewards you with “Return Candy.” You can also earn “Special Candy” by finishing quests using at least one of the styles boosted during the event. Assign a role to each style and form the team with them in mind. Below is a list of styles and their effects.

Effect Style
50% increase Final Emperor Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Final Male EmperorFinal Emperor Asellus
20% increase Neidhart Julian Will
10% increase Neidhart Julian Julian
Julian Will

Get White Day Will and Julian

Complete the battle quests to unlock S Will. S Will carries abilities like Weak Point Focus II and Fired Up II. He also has access to Bonecrusher which provides STR Debuff.

In addition, the White Day exchange offers an event Julian. Collect enough event drops to exchange for A Julian style pieces. Collect enough pieces to obtain White Day A Julian. A Julian comes with Mirage Blade, an all-ranged Slash attack.

Look for quests with event boosts

Keep an eye out for the quest with the boosted rate each day. Completing the boosted quest yields three times the amount of drops. Since the boosted rate randomizes, you need to go over the quest list to find the boosted rate.

Below is a list of quests that have boosted drop rates every reset.

Battle Quest
Normal 8, 16
Hard, Very Hard 5, 10

Recommended Quests

The number of event drops depends on difficulty and not the battle quest number. That being said, you can opt to clear whichever battle quest on Very Hard unless you also want to collect pieces. Before heading to battle, put together a team of styles that give bonus drops.

With some luck you can also score a large amount of event drops akin to the New Year event.

Drops per level

Drop count
Normal 10 to 20
Hard 20 to 30
Very Hard 30 to 40

Since VH 10 can be tough to beat consistently with auto battle set, you can opt to clear Hard battle quest 10 instead. Although the quest number does not matter for the drops, you might want to aim for getting style pieces as well. Style pieces appear on battle quest 10.

Raise stat gains

Using special styles not only boosts the drop rate for the event item but also doubles stat gains for certain styles during the event. Form a party by combining the styles mentioned above to train them more efficiently.

Battle Quest 7 (Very Hard) Strategy

Best attacks to use Pierce, heat, cold, thunder, sun, shadow
Best resists to equip Slash, blunt, heat, cold
Recommended CP at least 24,000

Battle Quest 8 (Very Hard) Strategy

Best attacks to use Pierce, cold, thunder
Best resists to equip Slash, pierce
Recommended CP at least 24,000

Armor plays a vital role to give each style survivability. Pair each style with armor that improves his slash resistance and then complement it with gear that boosts pierce resistance.

Battle Quest 9 (Very Hard) Strategy

Best attacks to use Heat, cold, thunder
Best resists to equip Slash, pierce
Recommended CP at least 25,000

As mentioned before, pair each style with armor that patch up slash and pierce resistance. Don’t forget to enhance and evolve them. Use accessory from holy tower cordelia to enhance each style’s confusion resistance.

Battle Quest 10 (Very Hard) Strategy

Best attacks to use Slash, heat
Best resists to equip Blunt, pierce
Recommended CP at least 26,000

One Fateful White Day Walkthrough

Exchange List

All of the exchange rewards are useful. Keep collecting them until you have exhausted the stock of rewards.

One Fateful White Day Reward List and Priority

Event Missions

In celebration of the event, there are also event missions that reward more event drops and pieces. Below is a list of event missions and conditions.

Mission type Details Reward
Daily Clear three times Return Candy x50
Daily Clear 10 times Return Candy x50
Total Get 15,000 candy S Will pieces x61
Total Defeat 200 enemies using Will Silver pieces x53
Total Use any of the following styles to complete the event 30 times:

  • Asellus
  • Final Emperor
  • Neidhart
  • Julian
Instant Expedition Ticket x8

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