Romancing Saga Re Universe - Dantarg Attacks

Guide on the event Dantarg Attacks in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, tips, best styles, best armor, and strategy.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Dantarg Guide


Romancing Saga Re Universe - Dantarg Attacks

Dantarg Attacks is an event that consists of 20 levels. Each time you climb the ladder, the boss’ health and attack will increase. In some levels, the boss’ attack patterns and resistances will also change. Below is a rough translation of the event. We will update this as we go along.

Changes and levels

Level Changes
6 STR resistance, includes pierce attribute
11 STR resistance, has Poison Blow
16 STR resistance, includes Beast Slayer* and Swing*

Improve your defenses against blunt and pierce attacks

Dantarg hits hard using blunt and pierce attacks. Check the list of gear below to toughen your defenses.

Many of these equipment share the same stats. However, each armor should be paired with the corresponding style:

  • Bulletproof Vest for Sword/Bow
  • Tiger Armor for Spear
  • Silk Toga for Supporter
Armor Stats Location
Tiger Armor Blunt, Pierce +10 1-1-4 (Hard)
4-1-5 (Hard)
Bulletproof Vest Blunt, Pierce +10 4-1-5 (Hard)
Silk Toga Blunt, Pierce +10 7-1-5 (Hard)
Headband Blunt +10 2-2-3 (Hard)
Corner Helmet Blunt +10 5-2-3 (Hard)
Leather Boots Pierce +10 2-2-1 (Hard)
Pierce +10 5-2-1 (Hard)

Have STR Debuffers

Dantarg relies on physical attacks for damage. Pair styles that have access to skills with secondary debuff effects. For example, you can narrow down the potential styles to those that have skills like Flowing Slash and Submission.

AGI Debuff

Dantarg exerts pressure not only through STR but also AGI. That being said, reducing his agility makes him less of a threat because you can follow up with STR debuff to cut his attack more.

Best styles


Style Features
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Monica (Christmas)Monica
  • High Dex and Agi
  • Great Blunt resistance
  • High damage with Beast Slayer
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CharlCharl
  • High STR and AGI
  • Great resistance against blunt and pierce
  • Chance to move first
  • Has recovery despite low END
  • Heat attribute spells
  • Has Self-Immolation to counter attacks


Style Features
  • Chance to regen HP
  • STR Debuff
  • Needs better armor to improve blunt resistance
  • Inherits Submission
  • Chance to lower AGI
  • Needs better armor to improve piece resistance
  • High STR and AGI
  • Chance to raise AGI
  • Inherits Energy Steal
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS GustaveGustave
  • High END with HP drain
  • Has Skip
  • Requires blunt resistance armor
  • High END with HP drain
  • Inherits Skip
  • Requires blunt resistance armor
  • Chance to regen HP
  • Inherits Flowing Slash
  • Requires armor to cover low resistance
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS KatarinaKatarina
  • High Blunt resistace
  • BP recovers
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS ThistleAzami
  • Inherits Submission
  • Need to achieve high stats through training
  • High END with High blunt resistance
  • BP recovers
  • Lacks damage

Healer/ Support

Style Features
White Rose Princess
  • High Blunt resistance
  • High END
  • Heals and cures poison
  • AGI Debuff with Chocolate Ball
  • HP regen
  • Has STR Debuff (Bonecrusher)
  • Slash resistance
  • Has Water of Life
  • Has

Dare to Hope

Flurry (Christmas)
  • HP regen
  • Slash resistance

Levels 1 to 5 Strategy

Recommended CP

CP should be at least 5,000.

Best attributes to use Pierce, heat
Best resists to have Blunt

Dantarg relies on blunt attacks from levels 1 to 5. Focus on improving blunt resists and assemble a team consisting of those with blunt attacks. Complement your team with a jammer that has charm or stun.

Levels 6 to 10 Strategy

CP should be at least 7,000.

Best attributes to use Pierce, heat
Best resists to have Blunt, pierce

Levels 11 to 15 Strategy

CP should be at least 15,000.

Best attributes to use Pierce, heat
Best resists to have Blunt, pierce, shadow, poison

Form a party that has many STR and AGI debuffers. A supporter is a must-have since the boss can dole out tremendous damage. Poison Blow will also appear from the 11th level onwards. Having White Rose Princess comes in handy to remove the poison condition from allies.

Levels 16 to 20 Strategy

CP should be at least 20,000.

Best attributes to use Pierce, heat
Best resists to have Blunt, pierce, stun

Dantarg gains access to powerful skills like “Killing Beast,” and “Swing.” Between the two, Swing exerts pressure because of the potential stun effect. A good way around it is to use styles that can reduce his AGI to negate the effect. Improve your defenses using armor that boost resistance to blunt and pierce attributes before heading to battle.

Sample parties

Rapid Stream

A great formation to have is Rapid Stream. Below is a list of styles, their potential roles, and recommended slots.

Style Role Slot
Gustave Attacker 1
Azami Debuff 2
Cat Debuff 3
Katarina Debuff 4
Monica Attacker 5


  • SS Azami ← Christmas Azami (Submission)
  • Christmas Cat ← SS Cat (Submission)

The team serves to reduce Dantarg’s STR as much as possible with plenty of Debuff attacks like Submission. The set up forgoes having a supporter in place of a debuffer. However, the team would struggle against Dantarg if he decides to use powerful attacks from the get-go.


Style Role Slot
Claudia Attacker 1
Katarina Debuffer 2
Cat Debuffer 3
Mariah Supporter 4
White Rose Princess Supporter 5


  • S Claudia ← A Claudia (Beast Slayer)
  • Christmas Cat ← SS Cat (Submission)

A team composed of one style that focuses entirely on attacking paired with two debuffers and supporters. One of the supporters should have Dare to Hope to ensure that heals are given even if the healer faints.

Rising Phoenix

Style Role Slot
Emerald Self-Immolation 1
Cat Debuffer, High resistance 2
Alkaiser Debuffer, High resistance 3
Hector Debuffer 4
Katarina Debuffer 5


  • S Claudia ← A Claudia (Beast Slayer)
  • Christmas Cat ← SS Cat (Submission)

The setup is reactive compared to the above mentioned teams. Damage comes from SS Emerald who will set up a wall that retaliates against attacks. To help Emerald have better survivability, you should surround her with debuffers to reduce the boss’ attack.


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