Romancing Saga Re Universe - Gacha Reroll Style Ranking and Guide

A ranking of the best styles for gacha rerolling in Romancing Saga Re Universe.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Gacha Reroll Style Ranking

Gacha Reroll Style Ranking

Available Gacha Pools

Name Availability
Romancing Saga Re Universe - Gustave UDX GachaGustave UDX Gacha 6/1 (Monday)
Romancing Saga Re Universe - Silver Emperor UDX GachaSilver Emperor UDX Gacha 6/1 (Monday)
Romancing Saga Re Universe - Platinum GachaPlatinum Every day

Super Start Dash Ticket

You will receive a one-time Super Start Dash gacha ticket when you first log-in to Romancing Saga Re Universe. This lets you draw from the Platinum gacha with a guaranteed chance to get an SS style which is very helpful for new players. Take advantage of the Super Start Dash gacha ticket by rerolling to get a strong SS style.

Rerolling Guide

Best Reroll Conditions

It is highly recommended to reroll until you get Gustave UDX, and two high-tier SS styles. The third style should serve to cover a damage type or specialty that your first two styles do not have access to.

Gacha Draw Rate by Rarity

Rarity Draw Rate
SS 5%
S 12%
A 83%

S and A Rank Styles

Faster Base Ability Value Growth

While SS styles are the best styles to obtain in the game, S and A rank ones should not be ignored. In Romancing Saga Re Universe, characters have a set of base ability values that can only be raised through battle.

Base Ability Value Growth Guide

The rate at which these base values grow is dependent on the current style equipped, with S and A rank styles granting faster base value growth rates than SS ones. If you have obtained an SS style for a certain character, try to get their S and A versions as well for easier base ability value growth.

Skill Inheritance

S and A rank characters also have useful skills that can be inherited by another style of the same name. This allows you to transfer skills to SS styles, giving them additional tools, especially low BP cost abilities, to use in battle.

Skill Inheritance Guide

Style Ranking

SS Tier

Name Pool Type Features
Gustave (UDX) Gustave UDX Attacker Attacks twice in a row, can quickly burst down enemies using a series of powerful attacks through inheritance, able to recover HP for better survivability,
Blue Platinum Attacker Inflicts powerful light attribute damage, has low BP cost multi-target attack, gains intelligence boost at the start of turn, massive damage to enemies weak to light
Myriam Platinum Attacker Can perform all attack loop, access to instant death ability, can continuously use skills when ability is activated, gains damage boost ability

S Tier

Name Pool Type Features
Fatima Gustave UDX Attacker Strong single-target lightning attacks, can inflict sleep
Silver Emperor Silver Emperor UDX Attacker Can inflict intelligence down loop, can negate damage up to two times
Neidhardt Platinum Attacker Enables SS power loop, access to various damage reduction abilities
Albert Platinum Attacker Can perform all attack loop, access to stun skill, high damage when at full HP, good for grinding quests
Ginny Platinum Jammer Specializes in lowering enemy strength, access to recovery skills, high durability
Faerie Platinum Attacker Has an all attack to be used on the opening turn, can absorb ◯ attacks, access to counter ability
Rouge Platinum Attacker Has low cost all attack ability, access to strong single-target dark attack, gains intelligence boost at the start of turn
Katarina Platinum Attacker Has low BP cost slash and cold attacks, access to SS power ability, ability that further increases damage potential
Gustave Platinum Attacker Strong double attack makes him effective against bosses, high strength modifier, access to HP recovery abilities for survivability, an inflict strength down  on enemies
Final Empress Platinum Attacker Slash attacker with high durability, high strength growth, access to HP recovery abilities for survivability through inheritance,
Alkaiser Platinum Attacker Recovers 2 BP every start of battle, powerful SS ability, good against may enemies because of strike/light damage type, access to HP recovery ability
Cat Platinum Jammer Has low-cost heat ability, can use two types of debuff abilities, access to strength reduction abilities through inheritance
Rocbouquet Platinum Attacker High intelligence modifier, access to all-target paralysis, increased charm at the start of battle, can inherit low-cost abilities from styles dropped in quests.

A Tier

Name Pool Type Features
Fullbright Gustave UDX Supporter Has ability to remove all status ailments, can inflict confuse when attacking, access to HP recovery abilities
Selma Silver Emperor UDX Jammer Has constitution down abilities, can perform multi-target loop
Butcher Silver Emperor UDX Attacker Access to strength boost and strength down abilities
Diana Platinum Attacker Access to instant death ability, can be trained as a high power attacker
Premiere Platinum Attacker Has ability to cut incoming damage, access to decent cost continuous attack abilities
Strife Platinum Jammer Has low cost spirit down ability, effective against enemies lined up vertically or are weak to heat
Meiren Platinum Supporter Access to HP recovery abilities, has a powerful single-target attack, can inflict confuse
Riki Platinum Attacker High attack power, can inflict constitution down, access to all attack through inheritance
Judy Platinum Attacker Can perform an all attack loop, can lower intelligence and spirit of all enemies, abilities can inflict confuse
Gray Platinum Attacker Greatly increased damage at the start of battle, high attack power with continuous attacks, may gain even more increased strength at the start of turn
Barbara Platinum Supporter Has support abilities that increase damage of all allies, access to HP recovery abilities, can inflict stun and paralyze
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS KoumeiKoumei Platinum Attacker All attack is useful for farming quests, lacks single-target damage potential
Laura Platinum Defender Focuses on counters, can revive once with 50% HP after being knocked out, may negate direct damage entirely through counter
Black Platinum Attacker Has low cost counter skills, easy to raise strength, acess to HP recovery ability
Gen Platinum Attacker Strong opening SS attack, focused on dealing damage, high strength modifier
Silver Platinum Attacker Has multi-attack abilities that cover multiple attributes, strong SS attack, great for exploiting enemy weakness
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Vampire LadyVampire Lady Platinum Attacker High strength and agility modifiers, has an ability that raises charm, chance to absorb HP when attacking
Urpina Platinum Attacker Can recover own BP, can deal big damage with high BP cost abilities, can use decent cost abilities through inheritance.
Final Emperor Platinum Attacker Gains powerful SSS ability, can deal big damage by managing HP well, can learn abilities to reduce enemy strength
Emelia Platinum Attacker Has abilities to divert enemy attacks away, easy to raise dexterity
Leonid Platinum Attacker Has high damage skills that cover various attributes, access to HP recovery skills, can reduce strength of enemies
Coppelia Platinum Attacker Uses LP to use powerful abilities, automatically negates status ailments, gains strength reduction abilities through inheritance
Cordelia Platinum Attacker High strength modifier

B Tier

Name Pool Type Features
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS KatarinaKatarina Platinum Attacker Powerful abilities overall, including those obtained through succession, high strength modifier, has ability to constantly increase damage
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS GustaveGustave Platinum Attacker Has ability to constantly increase damage, may recover HP when attacking
Albert Platinum Attacker Can parry, high strength modifier, chance to automatically recover HP and remove status ailments
Annie Platinum Jammer High agility, inflicts stun
Lute Platinum Attacker Able to remove status ailments, can use SS attack loop or all attack loop
Ward Platinum Attacker Attacker with HP recovery ability, skills deal good damage
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS AbuAbu Platinum Attacker Can use vertical line attacks, requires managing HP for consistent damage
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS EllenEllen Platinum Attacker High strength and constitution modifier, ability to increase damage
Gray Platinum Attacker Variety of abilities with special effects, suffers from low attack power
Aisha All pools Jammer Focuses on heat-based attacks, recovers HP by defeating enemies, can inflict petrify
Hector Tutorial Attacker Can increase damage using ability, may recover HP when attacking
Gerard All pools Defender Access to counter
Alkaiser Platinum Attacker Can increase damage using ability, access to strike and light attacks
Dantarg Platinum Attacker High strength modifier, can absorb HP from targets when attacking, low agility modifier
Terry Platinum Attacker Learns strong taijutsu skills, gains all attack through inheritance
Bokhon Platinum Jammer High agility modifier, learn ability to reduce enemy strength
Ginny All pools Jammer Can reduce enemy agility and strength
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CatCat All pools Jammer Abilities have various useful effects, grants 10% increased aurum gain
Will All pools Attacker Has an instant death attack, can deal big damage if equipped with a heat attribute weapon, can easily accumulate enemy hate at the start of the turn.
Lavale Gustave UDX, platinum Jammer Learns confusion on all targets, instant death attack, can lower constitution and agility using attacks
Robin (Fake) Platinum Attacker Has powerful all attack, requires managing HP for maximum attack power
Michael All pools Attacker Tension Up IV always increases damage dealt, learns all attack through inheritance
Sharu Platinum Jammer Can inflict stun and paralyze, may gain increased strength when attacking, low intelligence
Barbara All pools Jammer Specializes in inflicting stun and paralyze
Monika All pools Defender Can inflict stun, high constitution modifier, easy to acquire
Thomas All pools Jammer Abilities have additional useful effects, specializes in inflicting stun
Emerald All pools Supporter Can increase an ally’s agility, specializes in heat attacks
Blue All pools Jammer Various abilities to be immune to attacks, access to all attack, chance to confuse enemies at the start of battle
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS MyriamMyriam Platinum Attacker Has high damage abilities, high agility modifier
Bai Meiniang Platinum Jammer Specializes in wind attacks, inflicts sleep
Tsu Ling Platinum Attacker Has access to multiple all attacks, damage increased when HP is full.
Nora New Katarina Pool Defender Powerful counter, can accumulate enemy hate easily, SS attack can be used at the start of the turn
Kzinssie Platinum Jammer Specializes in paralyze, able to inflict paralyze even on enemies with paralysis resistance
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS ThistleThistle All pools Attacker Has a powerful all attack, high agility modifier, damage increased by ability
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS TatyanaTatyana Platinum Attacker High strength modifier, gains strength and intelligence down abilities through inheritance, can learn stun
Khalid Claudia Pool, Platinum Attacker S attack has dual attributes, can learn multi- attribute skills through inheritance
Taria Platinum Attacker High intelligence, learns HP recovery abilities
Wagnas Platinum Jammer Can reduce enemy intelligence and strength, can learn single or multi target paralyze through inheritance, has low agility
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS ClaudiaClaudia Platinum Attacker Can inflict paralyze, has instant death ability
Noel Platinum Attacker High strength modifier, access to multiple attribute attacks, recovers HP when attacking



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