Romancing Saga Re Universe - Best Units for Early Game

List of best units for early game in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including unit, skills, and possible options.

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Best Units for Early Game

Here is a list of possible options for recommended characters when starting out. We will update this as we go along.


Hector is a highly sought after SS rank unit which boasts stellar attack and is easy to use. He also has high HP which can be reliable in many campaigns. To top it off, he can drain health from enemies which makes him nearly indestructible.

Flurry [I am Flurry]

Another must have unit is Snowman, an S rank that can be obtained as a reward for pre-registered players. Snowman is best known for his Skull Splitter ability which cuts the enemy’s Intelligence. Having said that, he comes in handy against enemies that depend on magic like fire, ice, and lightning.

Recommended Support

One of the most valuable skills in the game is Water of Life since it restores the HP of allies. Unlike other titles, units can still come back and fight even if their health falls to 0 provided that recovery is present. Bear in mind that you can’t revive a unit if the LP gauge runs out.

That being said, strive to invest on a dedicated support unit since they come in handy even in later stages. There are many options for support units to choose from including the Undine, Mariah, Muse, Agatha, and the start dash mission free Sophia. The first three are equipped with Water of Life, while Agatha and Sophia serves as alternatives with Healing Light.


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