Romancing Saga Re Universe - Spiral Corridor 31st Floor Walkthrough

Walkthrough on Floor 31 of the the Spiral Corridor in Romancing Saga Re Universe

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

Spiral Corridor 31st Floor Walkthrough


Cost 17 stamina
Best attributes to use Cold, thunder
Best resists to use Slash, blunt, heat

Spiral Corridor Walkthrough


Below is a list of recommended armor to use.

Primary Armor

Armor Field Armor Scarlet Robe
Stats Slash/heat +10 Zan +4/heat +15
Where to find 4-2-1 (hard) 4-1-3 (hard)

Secondary Armor

Armor Van Brace Skull Mantis Power Grab
Stats Zan +10 Zan +10 Zan +10
Where to find 2-1-4 (hard) 5-1-4 (hard) 8-1-4 (hard)

Recommended units

Below is a list of styles and features.

Style Role Features
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - S UndineUndine Support Inherits Water of Life
Rouge Jammer Can inflict paralysis
Can hit multiple enemies
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS RougeRouge Jammer Can inflict paralysis
Shadow attacks are effective on Descolada
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS RocbouquetRocbouquet Jammer, Support Can inflict paralysis
Has Water of Life
Blue Attacker Cause high damage to Descolada
Can hit multiple enemies
Komei Attacker Cause high damage to Descolada


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3


Although multiple enemies appear at once, they are prone to status effects. Styles that have stun effects help immensely especially against Pyrolex.

Round 1

Descolada is weak to many attributes which means you have plenty of options to work with. Focus on skills that cause heat, cold, lightning, light, or shadow to take them out.

Round 2

Instead of using skills that hit multiple enemies, focus on channeling high damage and single target skills. Best attributes to use against Pyrolex are cold or lightning attacks.

Jammers such as Rouge can also go for stuns to help the party gather BP and Overdrive for the final round.

Round 3

Combine Overdrive with high BP skills preferably those that cause multiple hits to take out a large chunk of the enemy’s health.

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