Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Farm Money (Aurum)

A guide on how to farm money (Aurum) in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including recommended activities and quests to do to efficiently obtain them.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - How to Farm Money

How to Farm Money

Romancing Saga Re Universe’s in-game currency is called Aurum and is used in buying items from shops, enhancing weapons, limit breaks, and skill awakening. This makes it a valuable resource that you should try to farm regularly and spend wisely.

Farming Aurum

Clear treasure collection quests.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Treasure Collection Quests

Doing the daily treasure collection quests allows you to earn Aurum fast depending on how many layers you can clear. These quests can be cleared twice a day so it is worth spending some time to do them alongside grinding EXP for your characters.

Layer Reward (Aurum)
1 3,000
2 4,400
3 6,600
4 8,000
5 10,000
6 12,500
7 17,000
8 20,000
9 25,000
10 30,000

Obtain expedition items.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Expedition Rewards

Going on expeditions can also net you some Aurum. While not as fast or as efficient as clearing treasure collection quests, expeditions are still reliable sources of money in the game. You will also obtain other useful loot such as equipment evolution materials and stamina recovery items on expeditions.

Clear daily and weekly missions.

You can also earn Aurum by doing daily and weekly missions. Just remember to “receive” your rewards at all times as they are not automatically added to you after each mission is cleared.

Sell unneeded equipment.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Selling Unneeded Equipment

Selling weapons and armor that you do not need is a good way to farm Aurum as well. Most of these equipment will be B rank weapons and armor that only take up space in your inventory.

Bear in mind, however, that unnecessary equipment can also be used to enhance those that you are currently using. Be sure to use them for upgrading your weapons and armor first before selling them.

Go through the main story.

The most straightforward way to earn Aurum is to clear main story quests. You will also obtain style pieces, equipment, and other useful items just by playing the game.

Sell secret books and urgent notes (Warning)

You can easily get 100,000 Aurum just by selling one secret book. These can be obtained by clearing weekly missions that require you to defeat a certain number of enemies.

How to Get Secret Books

While this is certainly an easy way to get Aurum, it is generally not recommended as you will want to use secret books to lower the BP cost of character skills. Having a party of characters that can make liberal use of their abilities will help you take on more challenging content to eventually earn Aurum faster in the process.

Recommended Characters for Farming

Character Rank Details
Romancing Saga Re Universe - CatCat SS Has the ability Revenue Increase III: Increase Aurum obtained in combat (+ 10%).
Romancing Saga Re Universe - Guella HaGuella Ha S Has the ability Revenue Increase II: Increase Aurum obtained in combat (+ 7%). Can be obtained in the exchange shop.

Note that having both characters in the party will not stack the increased Aurum effect. Only Revenue Increase III will be activated.

Recommended Quests for Farming

The chapter 2-1-2 quest (Toward the Mansion) on very hard difficulty has valuable item drops, such as those used for equipment evolution and skill awakening that can be sold for good amounts of Aurum.

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